Wednesday, November 12, 2008

OK! Got some 600 photos uploaded to Flikr

All of the photos, but 14 of the Laird girls, from our trip to Phoenix have been uploaded to Flikr. Here is a link or you can click on the link of Madison's eye on the right of my blog page.

Blake & Madison in the tub at my mom's house. Thanks to Melissa for loaning us soooo much stuff including the kiddie tub. They were surprisingly content to be in this tub together, but only where the chill Madison had her feet and body trapping Blake's down.
Babies 5 months 1770

Mady's face cracks me up in this shot.
Babies 5 months 1771

This one is just generally funny with Blake chewing on her foot and her expression.
Babies 5 months 1772

Cute. Cute. Cute.
Babies 5 months 1777
Here is a cool new think I have found at You just put in a bunch of text or sentences and it comes up with a randomized cool word art for you. Ha ha.

Today we did all of the laundry for a week including putting the diaper inserts out on the back fence to whiten and dry in the sun. They looked great except for those pesky little flying bugs that were on them!

Two nights in a row the babies went from about 8 pm to 9 am without eating. They still got up a few times for a diaper change or just up, but there was no feeding involved. Let's hope this is the start of a beautiful new way of life!

I'm now down to only one session of photos to finish until the next shoot in a day or two. I also have about 60 new photos of the kids to work on. Woo Hoo I am completely caught up to where I want to be. Now I can work on the babies first 6 months book for us and all the grandparents. Hopefully we can buy them each a book for Christmas. I had better step on it to get it completed for Christmas. Printing probably has to be in by the end of November to be able to be purchased, produced and shipped in time.

The babies got their first real pairs of shoes today. We had received a few before now, but those little stinkers feet were too big every single time! We have the Aussie booties saved for our next baby (hopefully). They look so weird with shoes on! We went to Time Warner Cable to turn in the second cable box and remote. Then we headed over to Payless, because someone told me they give kids their first pair of shoes free. They do not do that anymore. He measured their feet. Madison is almost out of a 4 and Blake is in a good range for a 4. The shoes were all as much as the adult shoes so we headed over to Target next. At Target they have the elastic string holding shoes together. We got the most on sale for Blake scoring a pair for $6.49. There were none on sale for Madison. And we decided to go with a 4 for her because the 5 was just too big. She got a super cute brown pair with pink details for $9.99. After our labors (ha ha) we went to Cold Stone Creamery to cash in on our free ice cream. Yummy. My visiting teaching companion from church is the manager there making the trip doubly nice.

Must go get some sleep now. Maybe even a whole night of sleep!


maren bosley November 13, 2008 at 1:18 AM  

Yay for new shoes! I can't believe it...Ivy wears size 4! Too funny! And I'm jealous about the ice cream. YUMM!!!

Lisa November 13, 2008 at 1:24 PM  

I love these pics. The babies are getting so big!


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