Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Drama was on today's agenda

LI Blog Jul1610-1165

Maddy sticking her belly through the water.
LI Blog Jul1610-1183

Blake trying to convince himself to jump or step over.
LI Blog Jul1610-1185

Today was about drama.  My levels were super mild yet dangerous drama.  Hmmmm, not sure if that comment made sense.  Each time the drama happened I was strangely calm about it.  There was no elevated heart rate or panic.

Well, I did move fast through the water to get to Blake who had snuck past me to try and drown himself.  We put his floaties on Manon to see how she would do, and as I was helping get them on her he walked out to the deeper part to get to the older boys.  He really wants to be with the older boys any time there are any around.  He's going to be our kid in a hurry to grow up.  Thankfully, Kim happened to look over to where Blake was to alert me to him going under.  He did a fantastic job of kicking to the surface and holding his breath.  We definitely did a bit of cuddling in the pool then again when we got home.

LI Blog Jul1610-1158

The second bout of drama happened when the kids got into the laundry room to play with the brooms & sweepers.  Somehow they managed to knock the Windex off the washer.  Madison loves to drink anything from any spray bottle.  It doesn't matter what it is.  It can be soap, perfume, make-up, water or anything else.  It's always an adventure keeping up with her.  This time it wasn't Madison, but somehow they shot Blake in the eye with Windex.  It was a little red, and I used some eye drops on it a few times.

LI Blog Jul1610-1181

Later we were talking to my dad when I mentioned Blake got some Windex in his eye.  He thought he remembered from his shop days that Windex gets worse over time.  Sure enough, he looked it up and let me know it needs a full 30 minute flush.  I was soooo not happy to hear that.

LI Blog Jul1610-1157

First we tried the sink.  After some serious full body freak out from Blake getting us both pretty wet I decided to move us to the shower.  We stripped down, got in and started the wild thrashing coupled with blood curdling screams.   I'm pretty sure he was reliving his early episode almost drowning the entire time! It was so sad and 30 minutes goes by super duper slow when your child is having so much drama.

LI Blog Jul1610-1152

Other then those bits of time we have really had a great day.  I'm realizing more and more how not so clear my kids talk since no one but me seems to understand what they say.  I feel a bit like a parrot telling everyone what they are saying all the time.  They seem so clear to me.  Darn those mommy goggles!   I mean hearing aids!

All the images on here are from the other day out front.  I pulled out the camera to take a couple shots and ended up taking 90.  Maybe that really qualifies as a few for me.  Guy doesn't like the no shirts {especially for Madison}, but I was being lazy not wanting to put their bathing suits on.
LI Blog Jul1610-1106

a href="" title="LI Blog Jul1610-1108 by Lifelong Impressions {was Pics1vball}, on Flickr">LI Blog Jul1610-1108

LI Blog Jul1610-1110

LI Blog Jul1610-1112

LI Blog Jul1610-1116

LI Blog Jul1610-1117

LI Blog Jul1610-1119

LI Blog Jul1610-1124

Blake is smelling Madison's knee to see if it is stinky.
LI Blog Jul1610-1142

Not stinky, but it sure was funny.  Hope you have a great drama free day!
LI Blog Jul1610-1144

Friday, July 16, 2010


Are you callin my mom a bad blogger?

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Funny kiddo stuff & a Question

Us Jul10_1017

I skipped a couple days in my quest to write in the blog every day.  The big issue came when I had to buy the new Lightroom since the beta version expires today.  It took a couple days to update the new catalogue and do some much needed image back up for both personal and business images.  

{I think Madison looks like Kim Catrell here}
Us Jul10_1019

We went shopping days ago for groceries.  I grabbed a frozen pizza for the kids & I. When Guy came back from grabbing a missed item we started discussing how much he was not a fan of frozen pizza {who is?}.  I ended up putting the pizza back after deciding he would pick up a pizza on his way home from work sometime this week.  We never discussed it again.  Yesterday the kids ran out to meet Guy when he drove into the driveway.  Blake said hi and then started looking past Guy into the car.  He holds his palms up and hands out saying, "Pizza?"  What an amazing memory!  Guy didn't disappoint him again by showing up tonight with a yummy pizza!  They both ate a ton.  He ate 2 1/2 pieces.

Us Jul10_1020

This morning I gave the kids a choice in what they would wear.  After putting all of Madison's shorts out on the floor she immediately picked out a light pink plaid pair.  As I was scooping them up to put them back in the drawer she changed her mind very insistently saying she wanted the purple pair.   For Blake I pulled out two pairs.  There was a cool pair of funky stone colored cargos and a plain camouflage pair.  He definitely wanted to were the camo shorts.  It's so funny and amazing to me watching their preferences develop.

{Doesn't she look so cute?}
Us Jul10_1021

All that above text was written Thursday for the second time.  It all got lost when I moved my computer into the kitchen for a design consultation.  Once again I got distracted overall by work and doing some revised editing on the kids two year shoot.

We've decided to replace the large image hanging in our living room taken on the Great Ocean Road in Australia with something bright & bold of the kids.  My issue is if we should do a storyboard, only one kid or one shot with both kids.  It's just that I'm not in Love Love Love with any shot of the two of them together, though I like plenty of them.  I don't think it would really matter if only one kid was featured.  Do you want to weigh in with any thoughts?

{Weird camera tilt, awesome eyes}
Us Jul10_1025

Tonight Guy mentioned it was about time for bed.  Blake did his typical sentence structure reply, "No.  Night night Blakie, No!"  Sometimes he doesn't begin with a no which can get pretty confusing since we think he is making a positive statement until we hear the no at the end.  Anyway, the next thing he says made us laugh.  "I want to go to a hotel.  No, night night Blakie, no."  Does this mean we travel too much?  :-)

Sandy brought her sweet newborn 4th child over for a newborn session.  The kids were so excited to spend a few minutes with her after our session.  She was so gracious to allow my two year olds to hold her especially on a porch floor, and she smartly kept a hand on her the entire time.
Us Jul10_1001

Maddie did a surprising job of holding her for a while.  Blake is checking them out here.
Us Jul10_1002

She's so excited, and little Saleah slept through all the jostling.
Us Jul10_1003

Blake asked me to take his picture specifically.  Love it!  He doesn't ask me very often.
Us Jul10_1005

The light is so pretty on my screened porch between the house & garage.
Us Jul10_1006

A good example of why mom kept her hand on Saleah.
Us Jul10_1009

So sweet
Us Jul10_1007

Blake really wanted to hold her...
Us Jul10_1010

But was happily done two seconds later letting go right after this image snapped.
Us Jul10_1011

Last week I found a cool Fan page on Facebook called the Inner Hooker.  She sells patterns for a lot of things us photographers like to use as props.  She put a call out for testers and my fingers flew to type in a quick 'Pick Me.'
Us Jul10_1015

I think I made it a bit loose and I thought I had the right yarn on hand then didn't.
Us Jul10_1013

I must say it was the first pattern I've ever followed!  Yeah, as much stuff as I make it is all just thrown together.

This color looks absolutely stunning with Madison's eye color!
Us Jul10_1012


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