Monday, December 29, 2008

Some photos

First of all I just want to say THANK YOU DONNA!!!! Love, love, love you and appreciate you. Donna is Guy's sister. I called her today with a problem we were having. She literally dropped everything and took care of our problem within an hour. And by dropped everything she got up and got in her car within 10 minutes of talking to me. Wow! The problem was with the new nebulizer machine we got for Blake. I took the stupid thing home blithely assuming it would be covered like crutches, foot cast and other stuff have been in the past. Today I get a call from the company letting me know it is 'covered' by our insurance, but we need to meet our deductible of $750 first. Their contracted rate on it is $24?.00 (I stopped listening at 240). What?!?!? I nicely complained a bit. She then told me I could go without filing it through my insurance and she could offer it to me for $150.00. Well, that actually made me more upset about the whole thing. So I said, 'If I had known it wasn't going to be paid for by the insurance company I wouldn't have taken the d*** thing home." My patience had worn out because now we are sitting here on our fourth day of using it and I'm feeling trapped! And it occurred to me, Donna, works for a company who sells them. I then mention to her my sister works for a company who sells them. She then offered to only charge us a rental fee of $25 for a week if we return it with the original 'kit' by Friday. I got their information and hung up to call Donna, and even managed to end the call politely and nicely. Donna talked to her boss and was out the door to pick up a machine to mail to us. Wow, that is so awesome! I always feel blessed to be in the White family, and today, once again, being in a large family of great people blessed our lives. Donna mentioned to Guy her boss likes the twins from the photos on this blog. Yay, another reason blogging isn't a waste of time. I love all of you guys who read this blog!

Blake and I were playing peek a boo here
Babies 8 months 1063

He has started this funny face with squinched up eyes and then sticking his tongue out to touch his chin repeatedly
Babies 8 months 1069

Here is some of the tongue action He can reach the bottom of his chin!
Babies 8 months 1070

More squinched up eyes He knows it gets me smiling and/or laughing
And check out his teeth! Aren't they adorable?
Babies 8 months 1071

A pause before telling me something
Babies 8 months 1073

Oh! He is now ready for the bottle Way back there in the background where he threw it
Babies 8 months 1088

Madison delicately reaching out to grab her bottle
Babies 8 months 1078

Still exploring the bottle
Babies 8 months 1079

Yep, still exploring the bottle
Babies 8 months 1082

Now she is bringing it in. But notice how her two fingers are pinching the nipple.... Both kids are loving doing this at the moment driving me crazy. Because......
Babies 8 months 1080

They end up spraying themselves and everything around them! But isn't that a cute smile?
Babies 8 months 1089

For more good news I totally scored some clothes, some books and the second seat for our bikes we needed on WakeFreecycle! All of these fabulous finds more then make up for my two recent bad pick up trips. Those behind the bike seats are way to expensive for us to budget for them, and both of us like to ride. Hopefully this area proves to be as good an area as our last house in nice riding around us. The church missionaries stopped by on Saturday. They said Winston Road is really hilly so we'll avoid that one the first few times we go. Having the extra 20+ pounds should be interesting to get used to.

On the not so good news front. Mum and Dad called us to say Dad went to his appointment today. They confirmed he does have Parkinson's. He got a prescription to start. Hopefully the meds will help him feel better and stop the signs and progression of the disease. Any prayer would definitely be appreciated.

Friday, December 26, 2008

I've been sooo busy.... Sorry no posts of late

I have sooo much to say and no time. Poor Blake hasn't been breathing well lately so I need to go to bed ensuring some mommy patience tomorrow. He has been more hyper and needy/cranky/sleepy the last week. Basically he just needs more attention then normal. The doctor started him out with a breathing treatment of albuterol today. He had some improvement but was definitely not magically better. We now own a breathing machine! Oh yippee, it's my lucky day (imagine a very sarcastic voice). What happened to the reality of super perfect and excellent children? ha ha Nope, my kids are just shockingly normal with a great balance of excellence, average and poor performance in all of their developmental accomplishments.

We said goodbye to my family as well as Moose on Christmas eve. Guy asked me in passing what we were going to do with Moose for our next long trip, to Utah for 12 days in January. I feel like we have really taken advantage of our friends, the Sweeney's, who have watched him several times this year. Boarding him is so expensive at about $22 a day. We didn't mention any of these facts, but just said we didn't know and would work it out. The next day my family offered to take him home with them. They assured us they didn't mind having him for a month and a half. I bet they also astutely assumed we would stay a few days with the babies when driving down to Atlanta to pick up Moose. Smarty pants.

My dad and Moose are easily seen. Also in the car are my sister, Gracie, in the back, Judy in the front, and Pearl on Judy's lap. You can see her a little as she is leaning forward onto the dashboard.
Babies 8 months 1307

Moose watching me as they drove away.
Babies 8 months 1308

Here are a couple more photos of what has been keeping me busy away from my photos and the computer. My step mom, Judy, always gives gifts I love. She gave me a set of nifty knitting rings. I had made Blake a hat a couple months ago. My take on Madison's hat was a pull out to restart and a waiting to pull out once again. Yesterday I made her a new had while the old one pulled out as the new one progressed, and today I made her a scarf with the extra yarn.

This is the hat I pulled out to make the final product. It was just a little too tight for me even though I do like how the 'cable' was looking here. Maybe the next one will be the cable 'knit' crochet, but made to fit them.
Babies 7 months 1115

Here are the new hat and scarf.
Babies 8 months 1330

This is a purple and white tutu we made this week.
Babies 8 months 1233

Madison is modeling the infant tutu. I tried it on Manon Jensen last night when they brought us a divine Key Lime pie and Kim's home made rolls! It fit Manon well. Oh, and Kim used fresh cream to make the whipped cream on the pie. Yum yum. Guy said it was the best Key Lime pie he has ever had.
Babies 8 months 1227

We still hadn't taken their photos in the Santa hats, but we really were not able to take many photos. Blake started to cough and wheeze more with the cold air.
Babies 8 months 1226

I think this is one of my new favorite photos! Yep, totally.
Babies 8 months 1204

Monday, December 22, 2008

Hi all!!!

Let me start off by sharing these two photos of Moose. This was shortly after we made nice again the day he ate my tasty treats mentioned here. Notice how he is still not making eye contact with me because of his guilty conscious.
Babies 8 months 1090

Babies 8 months 1091

Madison is the fine bearer of a first tooth today! It poked through midday.

I can't believe how many new things they do all the time now.

Blake is so close to crawling. He is also starting to get the moving of his feet when I balance his hands with him standing.

This house is a little tutu crazy right now! Below are some pictures of my wedding dress before and after the lower skirt was made into a tutu. I've presented the fine business idea of making tutu's to sell to Judy (great step mama). She loves crafty stuff and could use the extra income. If she doesn't do it, I am so going to do it myself. They are quite fun and relaxing to make. If you want one let me know. We are supposed to take some photos of some different age girls/babies wearing the ones we made this weekend to illustrate our super cute creations. Those will be posted soon. If nothing else I have some cute tutu's to use in my photography business and when Madison gets older to play in.

My pretty and pretty beat up dress. This one is from the front. Boy does it look large the way I am holding it. It is a size 10 for a 5' 10" girl so it really is nice and slim... Really...
Babies 7 months 1674

Here is the whole front view. I so am two sizes too big for the dress right now or I would have thrown it on for one last hurrah. Like wearing it four times wasn't enough!
Babies 7 months 1675

The back view with the lovely buttons and long skirt. The train had such a nice 'lie' (can't figure out how to spell it) to it I was actually able to pose it myself for our photos.
Babies 7 months 1676

My dad holding up the new dress up dress for a photo. I still have to pick out the cap sleeves since a tank style will work better for a little girl to dress up in.
Babies 8 months 1118

The back.
Babies 8 months 1119

Now for the big tutu made from my wedding dress reveal.

These shots of Madison where we just stripped off her pants & socks during a diaper change to take some photos. It was only 56 degrees or so. Such a mean mommy.

I like the old worn look of this photo.
Babies 8 months 1100

My cute girl. Not only a cute smile, but the well positioned hands and feet too.
Babies 8 months 1102

The funky color on this is too funky to be cool, but I still like her in it.
Babies 8 months 1103

She is checking out a car driving by. Maybe she knew we were waiting for grandpa, grammy and aunt Gracie to drive up anytime.
Babies 8 months 1105

I would love to know what is going through her mind here. What do you think of her new tutu made out of my wedding dress? It was made big both in length and around the waist so she will be able to wear it for quite a while.
Babies 8 months 1106

Moose decided to come get in on the action when we moved to the dead grass.
Babies 8 months 1114

I love this and it's dreamy quality.
Babies 8 months 1116

Is Moose thinking of eating her next? ha ha
Babies 8 months 1117

Now for something truly funny.... Check out my boy's big honking side burn! That is quite the side burn for a non dark haired baby.
Babies 7 months 1687

Dude, did someone forget to tell the other side of his head there should be a side burn there?
I think it is so funny.
Babies 7 months 1702

Please leave some comments with your thoughts. I LOVE to get your comments!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Be carefull!

Here are some 'be careful' things happening in my life right now.

The following is actually my IM comments to a friend this morning. But I was already planning to blog about this.
Guess what
I got these super tasty treats from a lady at church. yummy
They are a home made version of a peanut butter cup (I actually like those)
So I had one last night and it really was divine.
All in all there were about 8
I wrapped them carefully before bed and left them on the arm of my chair.
This morning I saw the plastic wrap on the floor in very good condition.
I thought to myself that Guy would not have left the plastic wrap on the floor. And would he really eat all 7 right before bed?
Then Moose walked in the room.
I totally forgot we put peanut butter in his cong so he would think to sniff the out the peanut butter and gobble it up.
And how did he get plastic wrap of all things undone so nicely?
I don't think he is sick, but he is still banished to the backyard this morning. I haven't even fed him yet.
He got his daily calories plus some in the treat he stole from me last night.

I left out Molly's comments, but they were all nicely sympathetic!!

Recently I have given away a bunch of stuff on a local Yahoo Freecycle group. In the past I haven't had much to give, because we try to live with just what we actually need and use. It was nice to be able to pass on things we cannot use to avoid them going to a landfill. With the babies arrival and my love for hand-me-downs it has been my hope to get a lot of stuff we need for the kids.

Well, it hasn't worked out very well for me until I got this laptop and switched my notification emails to every post instead of every 20 posts. I got a ton of great hangers for the kids clothes a couple weeks ago. She also threw in some infant clothes. ha ha Those were just placed in one of my bins for our next child if we have one. Here is where it gets a little funky. I was the number one reply on two items in the last week. The first one was two baby gates. In reading her post it seemed to me one of the gates may not work. I loaded up the kids and drove the 20 miles over to her place. When I pulled up it was raining pretty good. The babies were all snugly asleep in their chairs. It wasn't too wet though as I grabbed them and put them in the back quickly. Once back in the drivers seat I started to mentally assess the condition, usability and if I really read her post correctly. Neither of them had all the parts & I'm not sure either will ever work as a baby gate again. After rereading her post it still seemed like one would work. Oh well. With the purchase of my backgrounds and the loooonnnnggg time it takes to iron them before use I started dreaming of a steam iron. Well, wouldn't you know a steam iron showed up last week on Freecycle! I replied immediately and 'won' it. Sunday before church the babies and I again loaded up in the car during a nap time to drive the 24 miles to pick it up. As I pulled up to the house I see the bag on the porch and think it looks small. Then I think to myself, "Not again!" Yep, it was an iron with a steam feature and not a garment steamer. If you need an iron let me know since we now have two... In the future it will be to my benefit to read a little more carefully and ask questions with my desire to pick things up. It hasn't deterred me though.

Here are some of the photos I promised the other day.

A slide show of dinner with our guests & the three kids on the bed.

I finally got a shot of a Christmas tree ornament. That dumb tree is always in motion. There is an invisible wind on it making timed shots pretty much impossible.
Babies 7 months 1627

The first teething biscuit for Blake!
Babies 7 months 1661

Babies 7 months 1660

The mark on his chin is from a head first plunge onto the plastic wipe container from the grand distance of about 5 inches above it where he had been sitting next to it. Does that long convoluted sentence even make sense?
Babies 7 months 1662

Madison's first teething biscuit!
Babies 7 months 1664

Babies 7 months 1666

Babies 7 months 1667

What is this face all about?
Babies 7 months 1668

Babies 7 months 1669

We looked over at Madison the other day to see this! I think we have a girly girl on our hands if she is already making bracelets out of her toys!
Babies 7 months 1671

That's all for now. I'll post more this afternoon or tomorrow.

One Eleven is checking in with One Thirteen

Alright, I know there have been requests for me to post again so here it is.

Saturday morning 1:30am my beat partner One Thirteen (Rick) calls out over the radio on a traffic stop. I let dispatch know that one eleven (me) would be en route to check in . I arrive on scene to find rick and his rookie standing next to a work van talking to the passenger. I however was quite content sitting in my car watching and listening to the radio when rick motioned to me with his flashlight. I exited my vehicle and approached, as i passed him he was having the female passenger walk with him to his car, and he asked if i could watch the driver. My attention was immediately directed to the female who was wearing white leggings with a blue denim miniskirt. I immediately thought to myself oh my, the 80's really are back.

So that being said i really had no idea what exactly Rick had but was sure that it was going to be some kind of prostitution bust. I stayed with the driver and immediately started to ask the "prostitution" questions. Some of you may wonder if we learn these in the academy. Truly the answer is no, we either learn them from "Cops", or just use common sense. They are, whats your name, whats her name, how long have you known each other, where are you coming from...blaaa...blaaa...blaa.

Well i got to the what is her name part when i thought, oh no maybe i was way off, perhaps this guy is intoxicated. Why you ask, because he said her name was Christopher P_ _ _ _ _ _ (last name not used intentionally). I looked at him with a stunned look on my face, and asked him again for her name, again the same results. It was at that time i had one of those "Clear Eyes" moments. I glanced over at the female and noticed that she must have forgotten to shave this morning. Oh my!!! It was a Christopherina. Wowee. 2 in one month.

Which brings me to my other incident. I was dispatched to a Shoplifter in custody, at Walmart of all places, who would have guessed. The dispatcher said that they had a male in custody, and to read the notes. Now that is a clue that something just ain't right. The notes read "Male in loss prevention office, wearing drag". Now I'm not talking about the drag where you pull something behind you as you walk, i am talking the full on real deal. It was a SHIM. Lady parts upstairs and all (I did not perform a frisk or pat down to confirm the downstairs), however there was no doubt from the face that it was a man. Needless to say everyone, the lesson i have learned for the holidays is. Things are not always as they seem.

Happy Holidays

Thursday, December 18, 2008

An all around update

Replies to the last post comments:
Thanks Cindy!
Jaime - I commented back on your blog. And thanks for adding me as a Facebook friend. I requested entrance to the group.
Thanks Amanda. We are going to change them to her dragonfly pair sometime soon.
Heather - Good to know someone else would too. Your babies are sooo cute. Glad you are adjusting to the new addition!
Ruth - The floor took guy two full days. He had never done one before, and he had some help from a friend for about 3 hours the second day.

I have so much to say, but feel there is no time to say it. There have been times where I wrote entire posts in my head while driving or doing something in the last five days. There was this especially not nice rant about driving/drivers I decided not to actually type out! I think all of us are pretty set on our driving philosophy and habits so anything I say will only vindicate some and tick off others. But it's hardly likely anyone will change.

I will say this about driving though. Everyone should make it a habit to make sure all three mirrors are in the proper position when you start to drive (every time), and constantly scan them as you drive. This will help you drive a lot more safely, and enable you to make split second moves if you encounter any hazard and/or bad drivers.

The last few days have been super busy crazy. I have had three photo shoots at the house and another on location, my friend came over to watch the kids while I took ALL day to bust out her photos, I'm cannibalizing my wedding dress to make a dress up dress and a tutu, I met a friend from online who had twins the week before me (a long 5 hour visit in the comfort of my home), we went to the church Christmas party, I went to a baby shower, I went visiting teaching, we did some online shopping for clothes that actually fit Guy and I (mostly long enough in the right places), the babies got all snotty and congested, we are now snotty and congested, and I took a few showers... Ha ha.

How would you like to be the 17 year old girl who rear ended a cop while he is working!?!? That is exactly what some poor girl did to Guy tonight right at the beginning of his shift. She was fortunate there seemed to be no damage and they did not write her a ticket and will have the town shop take a look at the car to adjust anything needing adjusting.

My dad, step mom (Judy) and little sister (Gracie) will be arriving on Saturday afternoon to spend a few days with us leading up to Christmas! It has been a few months since they were able to see the babies.

So many new photos to share. I', through about half of them so will put in a big post of photos with comments tomorrow!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

A little more info

It dawned on me that many people might be completely appalled at us rescuing the pee couch for use. At the time I owned a house whose payment alone was more then I made in a month. My roommates were in the process of moving out taking their furniture with them not to mention the rent & utilities money. Guy and I were engaged to be married soon. I was trying to get a better paying job. It was the slow wedding season for photography. Guy may or may not have just lost his job at that point. We needed a couch. lol Anytime there is tough times I absolutely love looking back to see how wonderful life is when they have passed. By the time we were married Guy started a new job through a temp agency that became permanent later, and I started a new job right after the honeymoon paying more then double my old job. My new pay sounds good, right? Did I mention my very fun and free old job was as a baggage handler for a small airline only paying about $1000.00 a month?!?!? ha ha

Good morning, by the way.

A few weeks ago it snowed in November here! Weird. Here is a shot of the babies out in their first snowfall.
Babies 7 months 1120

Will I ever get tired of bath time photos? Probably not.

Blake is moving really fast. This photo was taken at a 60th of a second which normally doesn't catch much blur with movement. Our adorable little spaz.
Babies 7 months 1364

Babies 7 months 1379

Babies 7 months 1380


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