Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bye bye guests & India dot and the floor before photos

This is a photo of what usually needs to happen for me to take pictures when we are out and about! ha ha They are stuck in one place, quite happy to have their bottles and generally within site.
Babies 7 months 1169

Here is the new floor we put in. It is bamboo. BJ's had a sale on it right after we put an offer in on this home. The vinyl flooring had shrunk away from the walls and had a bubble by the air vent. We received a credit for it at closing since they didn't want to fix it and we found the deal on the floors.
Babies 7 months 1271

A shot looking into the dining room from the kitchen.
Babies 7 months 1248

From the dining room looking at our messy and micro mini kitchen. I guess it's a good thing neither of us are chefs.
Babies 7 months 1270

From the kitchen looking into our bedroom. The photos on the fridge are us with some of our nieces and nephew. We have the rest of them on the opposite wall in a big frame from our day out sledding! Boy was that a fun adventure.
Babies 7 months 1269

The micro mini kitchen's floor...
Babies 7 months 1268

Our guests left around 8 am this morning. They made it home to Cincinnati around 4:30 pm. They are looking forward to sleeping in their own bed tonight. Molly is going to try what Guy does and see if it makes it any sweeter. Guy jumps into bed, hurridly pulls up the covers and says something like, "OAHOOOAHHAOOAH !!!" lol It is really funny. He also does it whenever the sheets are newly washed. Just one of the many things Guys does endearing himself to me and making me laugh.

Today I went back to the dermatologist to fully eradicate my red dot between my eyes. She was not super aggressive the first time she tried to remove it in order to avoid giving me a crater. This time it should be gone completely when it heals. It already looked so much better. I was really tired of constantly looking like there was a bright red pimple at the top of my nose between my eyes which was affectionately called my India dot.

I have lots more photos to share. Here are a few. The rest will be put on tomorrow with the after pictures of the new floor. We LOVE how it turned out.


I spent the day with the Nelson & Jensen families. Guy put in an appearance right before work.

The making of our tasty rolls.
Babies 7 months 1184

A photo of me in it! Yay! Thanks Kim! Madison and little Manon are in my arms. Madison had her hand on Manon the whole time.
Babies 7 months 1189

Carving one of the turkeys with help and an audience! Just what every turkey carver wants.
Babies 7 months 1193

The table after our short lived gluttony. We were all full in 15 minutes! Notice the babies eating in the background?
Babies 7 months 1200

Kailyn with her new puppy. They are so happy to have this puppy.
Babies 7 months 1202

Allias was experimenting with my camera for about 25 shots learning about the bounce flash and different ideas for shooting. Next time we'll work on focusing. Kim & Lisa.
Babies 7 months 1206

Me feeding the chickens.
Babies 7 months 1208

Allias shooting from up on a chair. I thought the Jensen's had 3 boys and the new baby. I asked Kim where the extra kid came from! lol I was thinking a cousin or something. Nope. They have 4 boys.
Babies 7 months 1220

Blake and Madison playing while I loaded up the Envoy.
Babies 7 months 1245

This is a classic shot of modern times. Ten years ago would you gather around some one's computer to watch a video or check something out? Probably not. I bet you still had regular old dial up Internet and most likely AOL.
Babies 7 months 1201
By the way. It was a very funny music video by a New Zealand band. Dig on the guys lamb chops...


Lisa December 10, 2008 at 1:30 AM  

Looks like a good time!

Lisa and company December 10, 2008 at 9:18 PM  

LOve the picture of K and Molly! Hate the pictures of me. Ack!


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