Sunday, January 10, 2010

Products we love

I've decided to add a new section to this blog called products I love. We aren't like everyone else and make some not so common decisions. Everyone who has tried a product I recommend has LOVED it. This post will be updated often as I post stuff in my normal posts and copy the relevant bits to this post. It will also be linked directly from my top bar.

I'd like to start with two of my favorite products.


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Most people end up buying at least strollers before their child is done with them. Why? Because they go for what everyone else does. I really think that's it. If you get a very nice stroller the first time there will be no need to buy another one. Of course, there is buying a one seater then having a second child in a short enough time you need to buy a two seater. Luckily, a very nice stroller also has a very good resale value! Sell it and buy a two seater nice stroller when you are ready. I'm a fan of Baby Jogger. They have strollers with big wheels, great suspension, big covers, adjustable hand bars, easy handling {think 1 finger}, and are super solid. Most of their strollers also come with an add on to fit infant carriers {not sure about the doubles}.

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For twins: My opinion is skip the stroller that fits the car seats. They aren't in them for that long & the money would be better spent on a one awesome stroller. Most of the strollers that fit two car seats are pretty flimsy overall and hard to push when the conditions are not perfect. We got the Baby Jogger City Series double and have been using it since the twins were born. It's been a dream. Most of the other twins moms I know have purchased at least one additional stroller after the first. We feel purchasing the City Double has been cost effective overall. We have used it in all weather conditions, all terrain & traveled with it extensively. It handles like a dream and glides along. LOVE IT! We got ours new on Ebay for $400. This side by side stroller also fits through all standard doorways.
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High Chair:
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We love the Fischer Price Space Saver. It fits anywhere, is sturdy & converts to a booster. We started using them when the babies were about 2-3 months for bottle feedings. It transitioned well to first foods with it's reclined positions. Most of the time we used the chairs on the floor. We took them with us to restaurants when they weren't big enough to fit into the high chairs provided. The kids felt like they were part of the group instead of an infant seat on the floor/sling or in the stroller. The two seats easily fit base to base with the handles making one handle making them easy to carry. We took them to friends houses & still do. Try Thanksgiving with no kids on your lap! Currently we have them converted to boosters on bar stools at the counter. The kids love to watch me make their food & snack on the healthy things I put in front of them they wouldn't eat if they were on a plate with the rest of their food {Thanks Jessica Sienfeld! I don't like many of the recipies, but that tip alone was worth it}.
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