Monday, June 30, 2008

Our little family photos - no Moose though

Our cute little family. Guy actually consented without much nagging to get his photo taken. It doesn't bother me at all the babies are looking everywhere but the camera. Their only two months old. Who cares! I think too much is placed on the looking at the camera and smiling thing. The other ones are just as good and show a ton of personality.
Kisses, kisses and more kisses. We seem to have a hard time controlling ourselves from kissing the babies obsessively. They get at least 10 kisses each per feeding from both of us. Sometimes we end up sticking our big noses in their eyes by accident! :-)

For some reason this shot really makes me laugh. I love it.

Here's another fun one.

Today we said goodbye to Mum & Dad. Guy took them to the airport and they dropped off the Trooper to get fixed (from the sideswipe accident) very early this morning. I thought for sure the kids and I would be up to say goodbye, but we crashed hardcore about a half hour before they got up. I didn't even here them and when Blake woke up thought I had only slept for 10 minutes and not 2 hours. Ah, sleep deprivation at it's best. So last night I didn't say goodbye and will have to call later today to say bye.

Also today we are headed to the pediatricians office for their 2 month check up. They will also get a ton of shots today. Buy am I glad Guy will be off in case they get fussy. It will be nice to see how they have progressed too.

Photos with Mum & Dad

Here we all are on the front porch with Moose. We almost didn't go onto the porch for these shots and I'm so happy we did. They look great. Everyone looks good and the lighting is perfect. A nice thunderstorm was threatening to come in so there was a great cloud cover.

It is hard to choose a favorite shot, but I think this one is mine.
Dad and Blake

Dad was holding them while we were getting set up and switching kids individual shots.

Mum loves the photos with Moose in them. Moose loves his Nanny lots and lots. If we counted all the 'pet' grandchildren they would have way more then the 13 they now have! lol

This is my second favorite shot of the kids with their Nanny & Poppy.

Both kids are smiling! Right on.

We are looking forward to the baby blessings coming up on July 20th when we travel to Utah. Dad is going to bless Blake and Guy will bless Madison. Melia said she has a couple of blessing outfits for us to borrow that her kids used. I was just going to dress them in white onesies because I don't want to spend money (or have anyone else) on something they only will use once. That's the tightwad in me speaking. I mean, come on, this is the same person who found a way to wear her wedding dress 4 times!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The last of four posts today!!! First swim

The greatest photo of Blake ever!! (So far)

Photos from our trip to DC

We made it through the trip to DC. Dad was really feeling ill with a ton of congestion the entire time. We mostly did drive by lookie Lou's at most of the sites. The only places we got out were the Washington temple and the Botanical garden. The hotel we stayed at was very nice. They had a continental breakfast with a omelet bar. Very tasty, and it saved us a lot of money on breakfasts. Not to mention it was much easier to have a handy breakfast when caring for the babies. Both babies slept well while we were there too. I think it helped for us to divide and conquer the kids at night. Unfortunately for Guy he had the fussy baby two nights in a row. But after the last week of little sleep it was very nice for me to have about 7 hours (interrupted of course) two nights in a row.

Guy read the other day that the kids are supposed to sleep about 14 hours a day still! Well, they haven't even been close to that. Right now Madison is sleeping instead of eating her lunch which is fine with me. She's a bit tubby now a days anyway. LOL They are both almost completely done with the 0-3 month old clothes. I weighed them on the bathroom scale yesterday. Blake was 11.4 pounds and Madison was 12.6 pounds. She is now almost double her birth weight. Blake is closing the gap on their weight differences.

I'm holding Madison in the next two shots.

Blake is being held by Guy with Dad in the background.

Mum and Dad in front of the Washington DC temple. It is very beautiful. Guy rode around the parking lot trying to keep the kiddos satisfied. They still woke up and we fed them in the parking lot. I will never drive with them not buckled into their car seats properly. Accidents can happen anywhere and that is a risk not to be taken.

Here we are in front of the temple. I have Blake and Guy has Madison.

Dad and Mum at the botanical gardens. Mum has the coolest hat. It comes apart to make a fan and folds up like a folding fan. Talk about convenient and easy to pack!

Guy and Blake. Guy wasn't aware there was a way to tighten the head support to keep him from this position. However, we are all glad he made this particular error as we all got a good giggle out of how funny Blake looked.

Some flower shots from our trip to DC

The computer is finally letting me upload the large files again.

The color isn't showing up quite right nor are the photos really bright enough, but you can get a feel for them.

Friday, June 20, 2008

More photos - Some with Nanny

Nanny holding Blake & me holding Madison. It's becoming a habit to take them out on the porch each evening to experience the outdoors. They love to look around, the warm weather and to listen to the different sounds. It started to distract Mady from her belief that if she is awake she needs to eat.

Poppy, the babies, Nanny and Moose heading out with me for a walk. Our neighborhood is great for walking. The street leading to our street used to be a main thoroughfare until the new freeway bypass went in. Now it is only 1000 feet beyond our street. It makes the whole area walk friendly. This is especially good because a neighbor just stopped by to let us know there is a family with an agressive pit bull who has charged her and another person down a short cul de sac at the end of our street. So avoiding that it still leaves us about 3-4 miles of roads to walk. It is my goal to walk every other day for sure and every day when possible.

Nanny holding Madison and Blake. They both love their Nanny!

Blake is now getting very good at lifting up his head after lagging behind Madison for so long.

Blake smiling for the camera.

This is such a cute look Blake has.

Here's another cutie Blake look.

Madison having a cuddle with Nanny.

Madison and Nanny talking to each other.

Madison was not into having her photo taken at all here. Notice her old man hair ring. lol It still cracks me up!

This is how much she wasn't into having her picture taken!

After working herself over and trying to get off the table completely. Yes, I saved her after taking this shot.

Blake talking to Nanny. Guy is convinced he will be a singer because he coos, humms, grunts and generally is noisy all the time. He even makes lots of noises when he sleeps.

Madison threatening to punch someone. Beware of Mad Mady!

This one she looks like she just had a heart atack! lol

Nanny with Madison and Blake again. She's smiling!

This week has been the very worst sleep week since they were born. All of a sudden I cannot get them to sleep at the same time! And Madison is such a light sleeper who gets overtired and will not sleep very easily. So it has been 4 hours, 4.5 hours, 6 hours and 5 hours the last four days. And most of these have been including taking an afternoon nap! I'm starting to forget a lot more then normal, be emotional, and losing my balance. But they are getting sooooo cute with their social smiles offered at just the right times to make me feel better and feel it is worth it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

8 weeks

In my last three attempts to upload some photos I have been rejected by a mysterious error code. So now I am using a hosting site to put photos on here. The only issue those of you using them to make prints is that they are no longer huge good files. If you want to have any for prints let me know and I will email you any you want.

Madison is definitely going to be a blankie girl. She is constantly hugging the burp cloth or any other object we give her to her right side. (The hosting site is one we no longer use so the photos aren't on here anymore)

I was photographing them while wedged firmly in between the car seats feeding them on the go. It was my one and only chance that day to get out of the house! We took Moose to the groomers for a free wash before Mum & Dad got here.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Big momernts and Guys bad Fathers Day

Both of the babies are starting to reward us with social smiles just for us. It's no longer in their sleep anymore! It's a;ready making things easier.

It also may be that Guy did a wonderful thing for me on Saturday night. He took the last feeding of the evening and getting them to sleep so I could get 8 hours of solid sleep. I woke up at about 7 hours, but was able to go back to sleep. Just that one night of solid sleep and I already feel so much better and rested.

Of course, this means Guy started off Father's Day with little sleep and stressed out about getting the house ready for the next guests. Mum and Dad will be here tonight! We are both really excited to see them. It has been since last September when we visited them in Australia while they were on their mission. I hope they have a nice flight today. Dad didn't do so well on the way home from Australia a couple of weeks ago.

The twins still aren't on a schedule, but we are getting closer to establishing one. They are starting to get more consistent about a long sleep at night though. What they are not getting better about is sleeping on their own during the day or playing on their own. They want to be held constantly. This is easier said then done with two. Right now they are both taking a break from breast feeding on my lap sleeping away. I have this huge twin nursing pillow that curves around my body and is made of really sturdy thick foam. It's the first time I've tried them here at the desk in the office chair. So far it is working really well. Well, except for when Madison just about slipped off her side! They have to nurse in the 'football' position (heads pointed towards each other with their bodies curved around my sides). Since they are getting bigger, stronger and longer it is getting a bit tougher to do this. They have both started kicking off the pillows or chair and also don't really fit on the sides of the pillow anymore. We'll figure it out though and hopefully they'll continue to be able to nurse. (Madison just giggled in her sleep!) I'm trying a new thing which will hopefully resolve some nursing issues we've been having. Madison and I always have a hard time whenever she nurses on the right. So now she is the left side baby and Blake gets the right side. Plus, if she is in one of her moods and will not nurse he will be able to finish up on her side,

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Madison sleeping on the couch with daddy in her first pair of overalls.

The big stretch starting to wake up. She just happened to open her eyes for a moment right at the camera.

Blake was napping with Sam. He is also in his first pair of overalls.

This is a shot of the Trooper that was side swiped last weekend while Guy was working off duty by an unlicensed and uninsured driver. That sucks!!!

Madison is back awake after 20 minutes so gotta run. It's been a long day.

It's been a busy two weeks

I finally got a minute to post and the babies are now starving. I'll be back on soon to post (hopefully)!


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