Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fun & Rain

It's a perfect day to post about this day back in August. I had to reschedule today's photo shoot because it was 100% chance of rain. When is it ever 100% chance? lol Luckily their schedule will also be good for tomorrow. Cool rainy days are my favorite. I love the chill & gloominess with the sound of soft rain. There is just nothing more calm and homey to me. Grabbing a blanket & a book was the old way to enjoy such days. Now I have the super cuddly Madison who also thoroughly enjoys the fantastic feel of a blanket!

The Con Agra plant that had an explosion this summer is right by us in the town Guy works for. They had a huge picnic for the employees & their families as well as the town employees. We saw some friends there who made great companions to enjoy the meal. We met David when we hosted him in our home for a month while his family was in the process of moving here, and we fell in love with their sweet family. Nicole keeps everyone entertained almost anywhere she goes. She also sweetly brought over some clothes this week to donate to Blake's wardrobe.

While we were out on the playground after eating the rain started spitting at us. To me the clouds didn't look so bad. Luckily, Blake and I were close to the pavilion when the clouds unloaded. Not so much for Guy & Madison! It was a mad scramble for them to make it to dryness. Once again I was wrong when Guy suggested we leave & I thought it would all let up soon. We barely made it into the car when the heavy rain started again! It's a good think I listen to Guy's suggestions most of the time. He's like my mom, usually right...
WH Sep11 09 1

Friday, October 9, 2009

Busy October - One more way the kids are like puppies

This is definitely the busiest I have ever been in my life. I cannot think of any other time I have had so much to do. Ever. Guy has been a super star too! We only have about three more very busy weeks to get through. Right on. Sometimes my brain has felt fractured lately. Surprisingly it is all manageable.

The kids are learning more every day. They each learned at least 3-4 words today. Madison also learned to play patty cake, and she could climb in and out of some things at Marbles museum she couldn't do the last time we were there. Blake is a spaz. Yep, a total ball of energy with a great big smacky kiss, big hugs & wild antics. They love to be given a task. Take an item to the garbage, put something away or anything else we can dream up will get them to stop anything they were doing just to do what we ask. They even notice what needs to be done. If there is a piece of paper, dirty dish or dirty diaper they will ask to put it where it belongs. Too bad it wont last very long as any more experienced mom is probably thinking right now.

When will I ever stop thinking of Blake as the small twin? I pulled out a pair of pants just as big and long as Madison's knowing they would be too long and big. They fit perfect! lol He definitely still eats more then her.

The next pictures waiting in line to be blogged about just happened to be these little gems. I think they follow the last post about about the kiddos being like puppies rather well.
WH Sep09 09 1

WH Sep09 09 2

Monday, October 5, 2009

Why my kids are like puppies...

They chew on things they aren't supposed to.
Babies 6 wks 19

They greet us like we have been apart forever.
Us Aug09_1223

They are completely dependent.
Babies 6 wks 51

We have to clean up their poo.
Babies 9 wks 274

They pant when they get really excited.
Babies 7 months 1327

They scramble to get to where they are going no matter how often they loose their footing, fall, veer sideways or run into something.
Us Jul09 1166

They love to cuddle.
Us May09 1531

They love to be petted.
Babies 9 months 1177

They love to lick stuff & me.
Babies 10 months 1025

They like to go for walks.
Babies 10 wks 223

They howl when they are upset.
Us Jul09 1645

They howl when they are happy.
Babies 11 months 1425

They want what you have.
Babies 7 months 1151

They want what each other has.
Us Jul09 1698

They pin each other down.
Babies 7 months 1352

They hop on each others backs.
Babies 11 months 1202

They play together.
Us Jul09 1011

They snarl & yap at each other.
Babies 6 months 338

They follow each other around.
Babies 11 months 1880

They follow us around.
Babies 11 months 1939

They work together to get things done.
Us Jul09 1046

They beg for food.
Us May09 1070

They beg to be picked up.
Us Jul09 1323

They love no matter what.
Babies 11 months 1216

They hate to get in trouble.
Us Aug09_1001

They get in trouble often.
Babies 10 months 1440

They love to nap.
Babies 9 wks 191

They learn quickly.
Us Jul09 1111

They will stop everything to kiss on each other.
Babies 11 months 1838

They love to stretch.
Babies wk 12 125

Did I mention they love! love! love! love! love! each other and us?
Babies 8 months 1764

They love to get into the bath.
Babies 11 months 1741

They pee whenever the mood strikes.
Babies Yr1 Apr09 1110

They jump and run away whenever you catch them doing something bad.
Us Jul09 1131

They scratch themselves.
Babies wk 12 155

They sneak around to do stuff they know is bad.
Babies 11 months 1930

They are curious about everything.
Us Jul09 1112

They drool.
Babies 7 months 1291

They grow too quickly.
Babies 10 wks 200

Actually our dog was better behaved.

(He Lives in Georgia now)

Babies 4 months 498

Hope this post gave you a good giggle! It took me all day to rustle up these photos.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

More vids! - Dancing & laughing

Guy took some videos when I was out shooting all day Saturday. Then we looked at a few before those only to find some funny stuff! Yes, the first is long at 1 1/2 minutes, but the rest are all pretty short . After so many great comments on the last videos you now get some more. Hope you enjoy them.

This first video is us trying to get them both dancing. I think what ends up happening is way better. Blake is definitely a mover and shaker! Madison loves to do whatever Blake does, and she isn't quite as coordinated as he is.

This next one is 30ish seconds. Madison cracks me up. Even though she is getting abused by Blake she just wants to dance. This is completely typical of how they are each and every day.

Number three is 22 seconds long since we kept having to break for drama & discipline. It is probably my favorite of Maddy though. How she does things is so funny. She loves the big Ooooo face right now too.

#4 is 16 seconds. Do you think Blake's dream in life is to be a pro wrestler? I'm leaning towards a big YES.

How many giggles can fit into 11 seconds? Guy said the kids ran around doing this for at least 10 minutes before he pulled out the camera. Round and round the coffee table they go.

The last second of these 17 is my favorite. Blake definitely knows he didn't do what he was supposed to...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Our neices first professional shots!

Guy's sister, Ngaire, and her husband, Brian, had a baby girl back on September 16th. Her due date is actually next Saturday! Despite being four weeks early she weighed in at 6pds 8 oz! She also was able to room with them & come home right away. She is gaining weight well too. Ngaire & Brian tried to get pregnant for 14 years when this little miracle happened. We are so happy for them and hope that parenthood is all they hoped and dreamed it would be.

WH Oct04 09 1

Thursday, October 1, 2009

We all live in a small place

Tonight I've realized I'm in my own little world.

It's amazing how interconnected we are. It's also amazing at how out of touch we are {can be}.

Back in the day as a newly married couple we visited several places in Guy's native country of Australia. When we stopped in Sydney we stayed with a marvelous couple who are called Aunt & Uncle though there is no actual relationship. I remember not thinking anything of settling into the room we stayed in only to find out as we laid down for the night it was the master bedroom. Even today this still is an amazing gift I find hard to believe a couple with grown children would bestow on a young married couple. I also still remember vividly how disappointed everyone was when we arrived to sight see at the most amazing mountain lookout {Australia's version of the Grand Canyon} completely shrouded in fog. I almost couldn't contain my excitement and wonder at the misty wonders appearing before my camera lens. Who cared about the vast view hidden from me when there were so many cool shapes & images all around me. For a girl from Phoenix Arizona, the fog is a super rare and wondrous site. I'm still not sure everyone believed my excitement. It really was sooooo cool.

With all the news being so repetitive, months ago I just stopped watching and reading it. Tonight Guy mentioned some people thought Survivor shouldn't air this week. What? Why? He looked at me with an incredulous look then told me a bad tsunami hit Somoa killing many people. Not good. I thought of all the Tongan and Samoan people we both knew over the years. None of them lived there, but being a descendant from such a small chain of islands they have to be related and know many of the victims.

Guy's mum called late this evening to check in for the first time since arriving in Australia almost two weeks ago. She mentioned Chris & Kessa, who so graciously gave us their master bedroom, were trying to contact the relatives they still kept in contact with in Samoa. So far they don't know much, but there will be a massive group burial for the dead and missing. How sad.

Isn't it strange how we are so interconnected. Maybe many people only know or care about the small area they were born to and still live by. I think most of us, though, have a much bigger and often a global imprint in our connections.

Johnny Lingo was a very popular video in my generation & further back. It is a teaching video by my church (I think - At least that's where many of us saw it) which teaches the value of self worth. If you have ever heard someone say something about a '10 cow wife' it comes from this movie. Here is part one of three showing the movie. You can just click to watch it on YouTube, then after it finishes you will see Part two then Part three. It's a classic! Keep in mind it was created in 1969 so it is a bit poor on the quality & totally campy. Love it. It should make you laugh.

Johnny Lingo land, I sure hope you recover quickly!!!


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