Saturday, December 20, 2008

Be carefull!

Here are some 'be careful' things happening in my life right now.

The following is actually my IM comments to a friend this morning. But I was already planning to blog about this.
Guess what
I got these super tasty treats from a lady at church. yummy
They are a home made version of a peanut butter cup (I actually like those)
So I had one last night and it really was divine.
All in all there were about 8
I wrapped them carefully before bed and left them on the arm of my chair.
This morning I saw the plastic wrap on the floor in very good condition.
I thought to myself that Guy would not have left the plastic wrap on the floor. And would he really eat all 7 right before bed?
Then Moose walked in the room.
I totally forgot we put peanut butter in his cong so he would think to sniff the out the peanut butter and gobble it up.
And how did he get plastic wrap of all things undone so nicely?
I don't think he is sick, but he is still banished to the backyard this morning. I haven't even fed him yet.
He got his daily calories plus some in the treat he stole from me last night.

I left out Molly's comments, but they were all nicely sympathetic!!

Recently I have given away a bunch of stuff on a local Yahoo Freecycle group. In the past I haven't had much to give, because we try to live with just what we actually need and use. It was nice to be able to pass on things we cannot use to avoid them going to a landfill. With the babies arrival and my love for hand-me-downs it has been my hope to get a lot of stuff we need for the kids.

Well, it hasn't worked out very well for me until I got this laptop and switched my notification emails to every post instead of every 20 posts. I got a ton of great hangers for the kids clothes a couple weeks ago. She also threw in some infant clothes. ha ha Those were just placed in one of my bins for our next child if we have one. Here is where it gets a little funky. I was the number one reply on two items in the last week. The first one was two baby gates. In reading her post it seemed to me one of the gates may not work. I loaded up the kids and drove the 20 miles over to her place. When I pulled up it was raining pretty good. The babies were all snugly asleep in their chairs. It wasn't too wet though as I grabbed them and put them in the back quickly. Once back in the drivers seat I started to mentally assess the condition, usability and if I really read her post correctly. Neither of them had all the parts & I'm not sure either will ever work as a baby gate again. After rereading her post it still seemed like one would work. Oh well. With the purchase of my backgrounds and the loooonnnnggg time it takes to iron them before use I started dreaming of a steam iron. Well, wouldn't you know a steam iron showed up last week on Freecycle! I replied immediately and 'won' it. Sunday before church the babies and I again loaded up in the car during a nap time to drive the 24 miles to pick it up. As I pulled up to the house I see the bag on the porch and think it looks small. Then I think to myself, "Not again!" Yep, it was an iron with a steam feature and not a garment steamer. If you need an iron let me know since we now have two... In the future it will be to my benefit to read a little more carefully and ask questions with my desire to pick things up. It hasn't deterred me though.

Here are some of the photos I promised the other day.

A slide show of dinner with our guests & the three kids on the bed.

I finally got a shot of a Christmas tree ornament. That dumb tree is always in motion. There is an invisible wind on it making timed shots pretty much impossible.
Babies 7 months 1627

The first teething biscuit for Blake!
Babies 7 months 1661

Babies 7 months 1660

The mark on his chin is from a head first plunge onto the plastic wipe container from the grand distance of about 5 inches above it where he had been sitting next to it. Does that long convoluted sentence even make sense?
Babies 7 months 1662

Madison's first teething biscuit!
Babies 7 months 1664

Babies 7 months 1666

Babies 7 months 1667

What is this face all about?
Babies 7 months 1668

Babies 7 months 1669

We looked over at Madison the other day to see this! I think we have a girly girl on our hands if she is already making bracelets out of her toys!
Babies 7 months 1671

That's all for now. I'll post more this afternoon or tomorrow.


Gene and Sheri Family December 20, 2008 at 5:19 PM  

I just want to jump into the pics and kiss those baby cheeks all over! :)

Jaime December 20, 2008 at 7:27 PM  

Too funny about your dog...hope he doesn't get sick! Your babies are just the cutest. One of my biggest challenges as a mom is taking pictures! It seems like you are really good at just catching natural moments...I need to practice.

Mohn Family December 21, 2008 at 11:51 PM  

Oh my goodness! Your babies are Guynormous! Can't wait to play with them!


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