Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mixed blessing

When we first got married we made a deal there would be no TV in our bedroom. Fast forward a few months and Guy put in a ridiculously low bid on this new online bidding site he found on a TV. He won it! This TV became our main awesome high def 42” projection TV. Five years later the TV is still a good deal at only $600. The TV did eventually find its way into our bonus room when the new good deal for a 42” plasma came along. When we moved into our current house there was nowhere to put the projection TV except our bedroom. This turned out to be a fantastic decision because of the amount of time we spent in the bedroom after the twins were born. Two nights ago we turned on the TV to find the red is completely out of alignment. This makes the picture as unwatchable as when the show you are watching goes all digitally and pixally with no sound…. Guy took the back off and was unable to fix the dumb thing despite getting shocked! He even has a little burn mark from the shock he received. So the mixed blessing comes from the lack of funds to fix it means it gets put in the garage for now. No more TV in the bedroom. We are free from the big box at the foot of our bed! And another bonus is we will save $15 a month when we turn in the cable box.

Blake was sitting on my lap when this photo came up to be processed about a week ago. He immediately started giggling. How cute he recognized both Madison and I as laughing.

Today I pulled a bunch of photos off the memory card when I returned from today’s photo shoot. There were some of the babies on there. They really have changed a bunch. They are also doing so much more than they used to I really didn’t realize it before looking at the photos. The first year of twins really does fly by even when they are so obnoxiously photographed all the time. Guy is also starting to let me take some photos with him in them though he doesn’t want them posted on the blog. Cool with me as I get to look at them whenever I want to.

These photos were also from our Arizona trip when we were on the way back to Phoenix from Sedona.


Curious Grace December 6, 2008 at 9:33 PM  

Ok, so we are now like officially sisters, lol. We look SOOO much alike in this photo, even more so than the ones of you on the couch with those other two women


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