Saturday, November 15, 2008

Early this morning...

At 2:50 am this morning I woke up with a vivid fear of impending danger and possible death. Because Blake was the last person I saw in my dream I immediately got up to go check on him. He was fine, but I couldn't shake the fear so I began praying for the safety & health of my family as well as the safety of our home and asked to be made aware of anything I needed to do. There was some lightning outside. I did notice Blake wet out of his diaper so he got a change. The computer not on a surge protector was also unplugged. About 10 minutes after 3:00 I laid back down. After a couple of minutes I was almost asleep and this thunder seemed to go on and on and on for about 20 seconds. Guy woke up for it, but we went to sleep after that. This morning the news was all about the tornado that passed to the East of us and killed two. I think the long thunder we heard was it passing by, but it must have been super loud due to the distance from us. I don't know. We are certainly thank full for the safety of our family as well as the prompting to pray for our safety.


rachael November 15, 2008 at 7:22 PM  

wow, isn't it just amazing when somehow deep in our subconscious we know something is going to happen even though there is no logical way we should? i am so glad you are all safe and sound, that must have been quite terrifying!


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