Friday, November 14, 2008

The mowhawk & the curls - w/bath photos

Today is my day to catch up on all the blog posts missing the last month. I was supposed to go to a paper scrapbooking group meeting today, but the babies were in desperate need of an immediate nap (poor time management) and the prospect of loading and unloading as much babies and gear needed to go was too daunting. Hopefully next month Guy will be off work. Today he is at a training for guns and fighting from 10 am to 11 pm out in the rain. I bet he is sick tomorrow or Sunday because he gets sick so easily and isn't really over the junk we all had recently.

Madison is generally very laid back in her bath. She will move her limbs around, pick up and chew on toys and look to see what's going on around her.
Babies 6 months 448

Blake is all excitement and flailing of limbs most of the time. I am constantly readjusting him to keep his ears from being underwater.
Babies 6 months 449

He also is now causing his tummy to be red from all the grabbing of his wing ding. Such fascination starts at an early age.
Babies 6 months 451

An almost chill moment of toy playing.
Babies 6 months 457

Not sure what Madison is trying to convey. Look at that pointed finger. lol
Babies 6 months 458

What a sweet smile Blake has. Both the babies took turns napping this morning and both wanted to cuddle with me when the other one was asleep. Today has been very satisfying.
Babies 6 months 459

Reaching for the huge wrinkled cute footsies.
Babies 6 months 462

Blake definitely has some ham hands.
Babies 6 months 463

Blake showing off his curvy topped Mohawk, and Madison letting her curls make a first appearance (THANK YOU WHITE GENE's!!!). I noticed her hair curving just a little bit in certain places a few days before taking these. In order to get her little tiny bits of hair to stand up and show the curls I used lotion and my fingers. By the time it dried it was back down on her head. In a month or two she should have enough hair to know for sure if she really has wavy or curly hair.
Babies 6 months 531

Here is a closer photo. She is holding the baby comb.
Babies 6 months 532

The next few shots are a perfect example of the lightening speed mood changes the babies go through.

Blake talking to me and Madison watching him.
Babies 6 months 537

Blake had her foot in his mouth just prior to this shot. He thought it was even better then his own foot in his mouth.
Babies 6 months 540

Blake going in for a nibble on Madison's face which she loved.
Babies 6 months 541

He is now a little put out while she is still enjoying it.
Babies 6 months 542

I sat him up, he reached over to grab her, and she hated it.
Babies 6 months 543

Now they are both enthralled with the ceiling fan.
Babies 6 months 544

Both love their mommy!!!
Babies 6 months 545


maren bosley November 14, 2008 at 5:58 PM  

How cute are those babies!!! Love the last shot especially. They do love their mommy! You're great!

Lisa and company November 14, 2008 at 6:06 PM  

they are soooooooo cute. Man I love those kids!

rachael November 14, 2008 at 8:45 PM  

oh my goodness, those are some beautiful pictures! your little ones are absolutely beautiful!

rachael November 14, 2008 at 8:45 PM  

ha, i am a dork. i used beautiful twice :)


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