Friday, November 14, 2008

A note to family & friends wanting photos

It came to my attention last night that saving pictures from Flikr does not give you a full size version of the photos. I looked and Flikr does give you the option to order prints both mailed to your home and pick up at Target. The mail to your home price is the very cheapest I have seen, but I have not tried the service. It is probably just fine. The Target option is about twice the cost and not very money saving and you only have a glossy print option :-(. The first person to try it let me know how they come out. Right now my account is set up to only let family and friends make prints meaning you need to sign up for a Flikr account and add me as a friend or let me know to add you as a friend.

So here's the deal if you do not want to order prints from Flikr. A CD can fit about 115 photos. You are welcome to send me a self addressed stamped bubble envelope to fit the number of CD's you want. I am terrible at snail mail and will actually send you CD's if there is an envelope addressed and stamped in my possession.



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