Friday, November 14, 2008

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie ......

Here are a few photos from Halloween when the kids and I went as Footy fans! The rest of them are in the Flikr folder Babies 6th month here. (Lisa the two photos you wanted are in there too).

To learn more about Footy check out these links... No it is not Rugby! Australian Football League's official website, Wikipedia page, random video explaining the rules (haven't watched it :-), and the US Footy website to see what opportunities you would have to check it out locally.
Babies 6 months 398

Mady is barracking for (rooting for or going for) Hawthorne Hawks like their Nanny, Aunt Leanne and mommy.
Babies 6 months 403

Blake is barracking for the Richmond Tigers like his daddy and Uncle Jamie (when he was a young lad).
Babies 6 months 406

Me with Blake & Madison. Oh when does the need to wear a perpetual ponytail end? Right now they both have the uncanny ability to find any stray strand of hair to yank it out of my head! Maybe a couple more months?
Babies 6 months 412



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