Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ha ha

We now have to be careful where we put things. Blake has pulled over my water three times in two days. I totally haven't learned yet. Then two days ago I walked back into the room to find this:
Babies 8 months 1489
Yes, he not only figured out how to open the bag, he figured out how to eat them too! He has only just barely started on finger foods. Do they naturally put something in both hands? Madison is really funny to watch eat something. She will hoard a bunch of pieces in her hands. She also will use the two handed approach to eating. One had to get it somewhere around her lip area where tons of saliva helps it stick and the other to push it in!

The babies also had their first cuddle with each other TV session. They were next to each other for about 10 minutes, then like below for another 5, then done after that.
Babies 8 months 1491

Babies 8 months 1492

Here are a bunch of shots I took of Blake. He even managed to smear the lens up pretty good.
Babies 8 months 1466 collage

This is the photo I used for my 365 yesterday
Babies 8 months 1504

I also liked these too
Babies 8 months 1499

Babies 8 months 1509

This one really expresses Madison. Her newest nick name is Lumpa Lump. Or Little Lumpa Love. She is so stationary still (still as in continues to do it, not motionless). But then again Blake is a complete wild man (except in public for those of you who think he is an angel baby) she would look like a lump compared to him.
Babies 8 months 1506

Here is Guy starting to work on the bathroom floor.
Babies 8 months 1484

Three evenings ago we had some fierce winds which knocked down three trees a few houses away. We looked out the window from our seats to see this glowing orange everywhere. After a couple minutes we decided to go look outside. It made me grab my camera and high tail it a couple houses down to where I could get a shot. We made it out there in time to get a couple of shots off before it was too dark and the rainbow went away. If only I had thought to get out there earlier. Who knew NC could have such pretty skies? Not me, coming from Arizona and all.
Babies 8 months 1479

Babies 8 months 1480

Babies 8 months 1481


Lisa and company January 11, 2009 at 2:39 PM  

just wanted to say the pictures on both blogs are amazing. But you know that already!!! I feel like I haven't seen you in weeks. I also saw a REALLY cool tutu photo idea.
Hope to SEE you soon

MaryBeth January 12, 2009 at 10:34 PM  

I just had to say that I love your photographs. Your family is beautiful! Oh, and we have an old propeller on our wall here too... DH is a real aviation nut!


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