Monday, April 7, 2008

We made it past one hurdle this month!

Saturday we had a wedding to photograph. I actually did pretty well and was able to take way more photos then I thought I'd be able to. Guy did a fabulous job, as always. It was my third rainy wedding since I started them 16 years ago. It was Guy's first rainy wedding day. The rain cooperated very well for us when we really needed to take photos outside. The chapel was nice, but very hot with the humidity and the very full room of wedding guests. I thought I was in trouble when the urge to pee happened during the ceremony. In order to not be distracting to the wedding guests I had to sneak through the old chapel, through a narrow hallway cluttered with debris where I had to step between the legs of a broken chair just to get by, then I was visible to some guests for just a minute before making it into the bathroom on the side of the stage/pulpit. Once I got in there and was ready to flush it dawned on me the people on the stage might here! Well, after debating with myself for a minute I decided it was much better to flush then to leave a pee present for the next person. So flushed away... The groom and I laughed about it later that evening.

Oh, and I now have stretchies spreading up past my belly button. They are all about ½ to 1 inch and up to 1/3 of an inch wide, but they are everywhere. And they are a bit itchy every once in a while. I think ‘twin skin’ is definitely in my future. For those of you who haven’t heard what twin skin is… It is what people who have had twins call the very stretch mark covered skin that never ever regains its shape even if all the weight is lost. Many people describe how you can grab some on each side of the belly and shake it because there is so much of it. Sounds exciting and sexy, huh?

We have a week and two days until we move! It's coming up quickly.



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