Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Potty Trainers R Us

We shut the door when we put them to bed.  

Two nights ago I heard a ruckus & decided to give them a few before going in to investigate. Well, it got worse so I went in. After pushing the door a little there was something blocking it. I told the kids to move. Nope, it wasn't them.  

The door was blocked by a blanket. I pushed it out of the way and the next thing to catch my eye was a diaper, then another diaper. We have been putting them to bed in diapers. Then I saw pajamas. Oh, and more pajamas.  

I turned on the light to see my two very naked kids huddled together in the middle of the room with their socks still on, and Blake began pointing towards the blanket yelling, "POOPY!" There was no poopy, thankfully, but there was a ton of pee on the blanket & floor. :-)

I'm thinking my pretty much pee trained, Blake, had to go and did something about not going in his diaper. I'm sure his sister had to help him strip down & undo his diaper since she is very good at this skill.

This photo was taken in December. Yes, I am that far behind. However, I have figured out some very cool things with my Lightroom program that even publishes my photos with a watermark directly to my Flikr account. OH YEAH!!!
Us Dec09_2191.jpg

Two days ago Madison had no accidents at all & did a gargantuan {most stinky poop of all time} poop in her nap time diaper. Yesterday, however, she hasn't made it to the potty once. The jury is still out on if she is ready. I'll give her a few more days of this before deciding.

Blake went poop in his potty this morning!!! I was so excited for him. Madison had a couple accidents this morning. I was totally losing hope, but then she had none from nap time on. Go Madison!

We have successfully been out of the house accident free three times now. The first time was for four hours to attend church on Sunday. Blake went in the big potty at church while Madison held it the entire time. The second was to our neighbors house for 2 hours yesterday when Guy had to head to work & I was at a photo shoot. The third was for a speed shopping trip to Wal-Mart tonight.

Overall I am super pleased with how well the kids are doing. They are almost 22 months which is early, especially in the multiples world.  

What will tomorrow bring?


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