Thursday, August 6, 2009

30 days of summer - Day 19

Way back in 8th grade my friend, Misty, and I tried a hair a cream hair removal product. It did not work so I've always had a bad opinion about them ever since. The other day in my not so favorite warehouse club,BJ's, I was shopping for razors. Why oh why are they do stinkin expensive? Really, $30 for about 10 razor head changes? I saw a package of Veet a little down the row and decided to try it out for only $10. The package had two pretty good size tubes in it. I'm happy to report it worked rather well. It lasts just a few hours less then shaving does. My hair isn't to thick though so it may not work for everyone.

Blake's hand in Guy's. We've had a few times in recent weeks when we've had (chosen) to give the kids snacks or food in the car. The kids have started to put their hands out to us, and we find looking back to see these little hands with palms up and fingers ready to grip hysterical. Blake holds his up above his head towards the top of the seat. Madison puts hers strait out to the side.
WH Aug05 09 1

We went out to play in the yard and to watch the storm approach.
WH Aug05 09 6

Blake is loving to make the 'Oooo' noise and mouth shape. What am I saying? He loves to make EVERY noise he can. The boy talks pretty much nonstop unless we are in a public place he isn't comfortable in yet. Madison is very good at playing with us all and playing by herself.
WH Aug05 09 5

Tornado? We thought maybe too. But the clouds moved a little more to show it was only a really low dip in the clouds.
WH Aug05 09 7

She went to the stairs for a while to do her own thing. We smelled 'her own thing' not long after...
WH Aug05 09 3

After changing her diaper the storm arrived. We sat on the porch enjoying the noise and feel of all the rain. It got Guy and the kids pretty wet.
WH Aug05 09 4

As they got tired and relaxed onto the porch we knew it was time to go in to bed. It was great to spend more quality time with our kids.
WH Aug05 09 2



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