Saturday, July 11, 2009

30 days of summer - Day 13 - 4th of July breakfast

Guy is rushing me off to bed so I don't have much time to type. These shots are from our church 4th of July breakfast. It was a nice way to begin a morning at the most beautiful home. This first shot is from the ponds dock looking at the back of the house.

WH Jul11 09 2

The next group of shots is about all of the photos I took there. I guess that means I am doing better about not taking soooo many photos all the time. The first on is Ivy. She is so cute. The next one is of Blake checking out the water from the dock. He wasn't so sure about the whole dock experience unless he was in daddy's lap. The next one is of the guys working together to fish out the badminton birdie. Great job, there! Then there is Madison looking at the hammock. The last two are of the kids hanging out on the dock. They were all so funny. I love the indecisiveness of youth.
WH Jul11 09 1



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