Monday, September 27, 2010

Rain is so awesome

Unless you have grown up in a desert you probably do not truly Love the rain in a "Can't wait for It to happen again" kind of way.  Yesterday and today my inspiration was the rain.  It started during the last hour of church as I was trying to re-acclimate poor Maddy to her nursery class.  Starting three Sunday's ago she cried from just after she got there until I came in to take them potty.  Then last Sunday she cried which turned into an unrecoverable cry we heard clearly through the partition in the primary room.  Guy went in until he had to go teach the young men.  She totally lost it so they brought her to my class.  About one minute after she left Blake lost it so he came along too.  My 5 year olds loved it.  Since the primary kids were practicing for the primary program yesterday I took the opportunity to spend the time in the nursery with the kids.  Madison cried even with me there for about 5 minutes.  About 30 minutes into it she was acting normal.  I left for ten minutes to use the bathroom and see how she did.  She started crying again which got Blake going and when another mom brought her son back from the potty he was crying.  Just walking back into the room she was fine again.  I sure hope we can talk this week and convince her to love nursery again.  She loved it from the first time she went a year ago until now.  So weird.

Back to the rain.  Madison noticed it was dark and raining outside as soon as we got into the foyer.  I'm still not sure how she saw that trough the mass of people crowding the doors and open area.  She was smiling from ear to ear as she told me.  Blake wondered off down the hall towards a less crowded door then came back excitedly telling me about the dark heavy rain.  Guy showed up a minute later and asked Blake if he wanted to run to the car with him.  Blake started screaming in excitement they were going out in the rain!!!!  Heads were whipping around to look at us with some excited and some showing concern maybe from the start of a headache from the deafening noise.  That kid is loud, very loud.  Maddy and I followed and she also expressed excitement with me about going out to the car.  We put the loose papers in the zipper bag and I handed over the keys to Guy.  They were off like lighting out the door on the way to the car.  Since I love rain so much, I took the time to slip off my shoes and we calmly walked past the gaggle of people waiting out into the dark heavy warm rain.  It was beautiful.  Madison loved it too.  At the end of the sidewalk she decided she also needed her shoes off to enjoy our walk to the car.  I slipped them off for her and we continued to the Trooper.  We were soaked in that short 40 foot walk to the car.  Maddy's shirt came off so she didn't get a chill in the car.  All of us sat there soaked and happy during the ride home.

Today, I was in the kitchen starting to do dishes when I see my son out the window in the driveway by the garage.  He was yelling about it raining and playing in it.  I guess he though he had permission after our conversation earlier.  The rain had stopped for an hour or so when I was asking them to come in the house.  Blake told me he wanted to stay outside and play in the rain.  I told him he couldn't because it wasn't raining.  He must have remembered that conversation and headed right out the front door, down the steps and into the rain.  Kids are so smart.  We delayed nap time to play in the rain for about 30 minutes today.  They loved it.  It was the fastest Madison has gone to sleep in a long time.

Here are a few images from our Saturday spent cleaning up the front garden area.  It was so bad and it now looks so much better.

An extra hour and $28 later we were able to borrow our neighbors trailer to get some mulch.
Us Sep10_1154

We had so many colors to choose from!
Us Sep10_1156

We decided on this one.
Us Sep10_1157

Guy thought it would be fun to let the kids get out to watch him scoop it up to put in the trailer.
Us Sep10_1158

I may not be able to get my kids to look at me all the time, but they will almost always hug or hold hands when asked.
Us Sep10_1159

Maddy was being a little standofish.
Us Sep10_1160

Then I started to tease her.
Us Sep10_1162

He came over with the tractor only to have Maddy get scared. Didn't see that one coming {insert saurcasm}.
Us Sep10_1163

In went the lovely mulch and we headed back to home...
Us Sep10_1165

With a stop by some cool wildflowers for me to photograph.
Us Sep10_1167

Us Sep10_1169-Edit

Us Sep10_1170-Edit

Hope you have a great day!



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