Saturday, August 14, 2010

Don't make the elliptical machine mad!

My cutie patootie Blake.  You know, I don't think there is a day that goes by that one or both kids doesn't get injured in some way.  Most of the time it is them not paying attention.  Sometimes it is them fighting.
Us Aug10_1002

This adorable melancholy look is because Blake did a pretty good injury to his finger.
Us Aug10_1003

Before we get to the injury I just have to say how much I love this girls smile. It lights up everyone around her when she gives it.  At the grocery store today she was lagging behind on the way out.  The lagging was due to her choice of shoes.  Yes, hers!  Apparently she feels fashion is much more important then function or comfort.  We have some flip flops with pink ribbon wrapped around the strap with big bows.  The cannot figure out how to keep her feet in them, and the extra fabric around the toe part rubbers her toes and top of her foot raw.  She HAD to wear them and fought with them the whole time.   Back to the smile.  A clerk behind the customer service counter looked at her.  She smiled & waved at him.  Next thing we know about 3-4 workers are enthralled with her.  They probably all spent the next half our smiling uncontrollably.  
Us Aug10_1006

Back to the injury.  I'm a little scattered at the moment!

Blake put his hands in the plastic bit that surround the gear between the handle and foot parts.  He must have pulled it apart a bit.  It snapped shut on him and he ripped his hand out.  It gave him two long jagged cuts down the pad of his finger and a pocket like cut out along the side of his skin.  Luckily, they were pretty shallow so no need for stitches.  However, he was moaning on for a bit about the pain.

All of a sudden Guy notices his finger is crooked!  He asks me if I think it might be broken.  My heart stops as I look at it.
Us Aug10_1007

But then I remembered.   I pulled up my own hand to check out my fingers and the middle finger is definitely crooked in just the same way.  LOL  Way to give us a fright.  Guy looks at my hand, then looks at Blake's, and then back at me to say, "That is a deal breaker."
Us Aug10_1008

I had to laugh.  It's a bit to late to just now be noticing my crooked finger to call it a deal breaker.  We're coming up on 8 years of marriage.

I love the next two shots of Blake and Maddie checking out Blake's hurt finger.
Us Aug10_1009

He has been obsessed by band aids, while I've been equally obsessed with giving his cuts some air time to heal.  Band aids always make the skin so puckery and water logged looking.  Since Blake sweats a lot he definitely needs some air time too.  He's starting to give in to my side, but goes to Guy anytime I'm not looking to demand some more creme and band aid.  As long as he gets in a few air hours a day it's all good to me.
Us Aug10_1010

Just after it happened, while I was still holding the paper towel on it until the bleeding stops, he had a few requests.  The first request was to cuddle.  The second request was to watch Harry Potter {which he pronounces ava cado}.  The third request was for a popsicle.
Us Aug10_1011

My mom happened to call just after he hurt himself and was still crying almost hysterically.   Not much control over his emotions, this kid.  When we called her back she said he sure knew how to milk it after laughing over his requests.

Madison was kissing Blake's owie with super chicken pecking speed which didn't let me get a focus.  This is so cute though!!  There is no way it was going to the trash over something so minor.  All the emotion is still captured.
Us Aug10_1012

A quiet moment.
Us Aug10_1013

So my little stinker has been a little mopey since it happened.  He holds it nice and stiff most of the time flipping people off.  So if he does it to you, now you know we aren't teaching him bad things.
Us Aug10_1014

Have an awesome Sunday!


Bryant & Hilary August 15, 2010 at 3:00 AM  

What a cut! Good thing it wasn't deeper and broken! Love the last picture of Madison kissing his finger....priceless!!!!!!!!!


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