Monday, May 18, 2009

When life happens

Isn't it crazy how the more busy I am the less gets posted on this blog? Because, really, this is when I have the most stuff to put on here.

Also, why do I take pictures of roses when I despise them? lol They come out so cool in photos though!
Us May09 1618

The twins are super busy making more and more neural connections by the minute. Their brains seriously turned on a week before their first birthday. I have so much to update everyone on regarding their newly acquired talents and skills as well as the one year stats. Poor Blake. He is so 'under' on his growth chart he may only reach six feet as an adult! lol He was my 75% kiddo at this appointment. He is 75% on all of his measurements which are head, height and weight. His height was 30 1/2 inches and weight 26.5 pounds. Madison is our little 100%er. She was over the charts on both her height and weight. Her head came in at 75%. A girl should be petite somewhere! Her height came in at 31 1/2 inches and weight at 27.5 pounds.

At the appointment I remember telling the doctor how Blake has about 30 words and a few 2-3 word sentances with Madison only saying a few words. She must have heard me talking about her, because just this week she learned 14 new words including grama, birdie, bu-bye, paper, book & window. Most of the words she says either start with a B or M or sounds like they start with a B or M. She also took her first steps this week with both Daddy and Grandma around to see it with me. Grandma really gets the credit since she worked with her a lot on trying to walk this week. Poor Blake is so upset by Madison getting attention for her talking and steps not to mention at least one of his molars is coming in.

We have definitely reached the understanding and age for the twins needing more one on one time with each of us. They are starting to fight more over who is with one of us and get pretty upset if they are headed for Guy or I only to be cut off by the other baby. I may start to let them nap seperately for a little more time with me by themselves. More work for me, but is it really more work if the babies are happier? Can I still call them babies?

Madison playing in a pretty garden to work off some energy before getting into the car in DC.
Us May09 1633

Blake and grandma in the same garden.
Us May09 1640

Last week all of the flags were half mast in honor of all the fallen police officers. There was a large week long event in Washington DC. We were able to visit the memorial and I have some photos to share with you the next time I post.
Us May09 1708


kristen May 19, 2009 at 8:05 AM  

That picture of Madison may be one of my all time favorites!

Whitehouse II May 20, 2009 at 11:50 AM  

Madison has the 70's look with the wind blown hair and the denim one piece. Classic.


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