Saturday, May 2, 2009

Exercise, work and a bidet (and cute baby photos)

Did the 'bidet' in the title catch your eye? If you don't know what a bidet is... It is one of those European toilet looking things that shoots water at your private parts to clean them. Guy decided he needed to remodel the bathroom to give us a bidet! Oh yippeee! How did he work this magic? Well, he gets dressed and undressed for work in the master bathroom. The other day his asp baton (used to stop criminals in their tracks and can seriously crack a skull) slipped out of his duty belt into the toilet. Now we have this cheerio sized hole in the bowl above the water line. So now when the toilet is flushed the water arches up to your private parts if you forget to stand up first! Luckily it doesn't come out of the bowl so we don't have to rush to fix it, but we sure do need to remember to stand up!

Somehow I've managed to fit in a 35 our work week this week with Guy not only working nights, but also an off duty night! If you don't read the photography blog you should check it out. There are some really cute photos on there. I have been putting more and more on it all the time. Today I had one of the funnest photo shoots ever. And the longest non wedding shoot ever! We started out at a ancient (100 or so years) old house and barns just up the street. I met the owner earlier this week who gave me permission to shoot there.

I wish I could play sports every day. Then there would be no need to try and get myself to exercise. Sports are easy. They are also a lot of fun! If we had a bag of money a sand volleyball court in the backyard would be rockin!

It is amazing to watch how incredibly strong Guy is. This evening he got the riding lawn mower stuck in a ditch while trying to mow everything evenly. I was busy moving the police car off the grass back onto the driveway. Looking in the rearview mirror there he was lifting the lawn mower out of the ditch onto the level ground. Who does that?!?!? Way to go Guy! Ok, so Guy just came in the house letting me know not to call him a wuss but he needs help. I asked him if I needed shoes to which he said yes. So my next question was what he needed help with. He said there is a turtle stuck which needs to be unstuck and moved. He assured me it was a snapping turtle a little sheepishly. HAHAHAHAHAHA If you have known us a long time you will remember our first trip together when first dating to MS & LA. We stopped in a bayou off the road where we saw a turtle a with some fishing line around a leg. Guy attempted walk up slowly and untangle the line. As his hand got close to the turtle it turned (its head) and snapped at him. After which he proceeded to run back to the car screaming like a little girl.... Back to just a minute ago. I grabbed my moving gloves and some slip on shoes. Imagine my wardrobe here. Frazled hair from my photo shoot, a semi old lady like shirt (beige with a black & gold pattern on the front), yellow, blue and white capri pajama pants, black almost dressy shoes and nubby worker gloves. lol so attractive. After trecking all the way to the back fence I found a turtle with a shell no bigger then the palm of my hand. He also wasn't stuck anymore. I picked him up and put him in the undergrowth and trees. But, honestly, I wouldn't have done it without the gloves on so a bit of a wuss her myself.

Tell me Madison doesn't love her brother.
Babies Yr1 Apr09 1106

A little puddle play time together.
Babies Yr1 Apr09 1097

A little air time with no diapers in a place they could wee if they needed to. And another cute booty shot.
Babies Yr1 Apr09 1110

When we went out to the backyard I put some undies/bloomers on them to prevent peeping eyes.
Babies Yr1 Apr09 1116

I'm not usually a fan of pictures with sunspots in them. This one isn't too bad.
Babies Yr1 Apr09 1130

A dandelion by the kids.
Babies Yr1 Apr09 1121

They play together about 60% of their play time each day. They play by themselves about 10% of the time, and have myself or Guy play with them 30% of their play time.
Babies Yr1 Apr09 1119

She spotted it.
Babies Yr1 Apr09 1135

I don't know why, but I love this shot.
Babies Yr1 Apr09 1143


Rachael May 3, 2009 at 2:26 AM  

i love these shots. i am not sure if i am brave enough to try a diaper-less playtime, but this has given me a little bit of a push.

kristen May 6, 2009 at 9:05 AM  

I love the pictures. Those kids are too cute! :) We had fun on Saturday, too! Thanks for putting up with us!

FAPORT International May 30, 2009 at 1:42 AM  

Cute kids, i love all the pictures...

nice blog...

Anonymous January 22, 2016 at 8:41 PM  

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