Thursday, March 27, 2008

Results of the ultra sound and OB appointments

The ultra sound photos are all face shots. If you click on the photo it will bring up a larger version for you to look at. Baby A is the boy. Baby B is the girl. The AAA and BBB are in the upper left hand side of the photo. The first shot is a profile of the boy with his mouth wide open practicing his breathing. He is also facing into his placenta which is the big blob taking up the upper left side of the photo. You can also see his umbilical cord. What you can't see are his eyes or forehead as those are part of the white blur to the upper right. There may not have been enough of the gel which enables the scanning wand to transmit the image. The middle shot is of the girl facing you. From the left is her chest, then chin and cheek, mouth fading out, her nose is pretty defined, then the eye is the black space the shape of an eye with the forehead headed to the right from there. The last shot is of the girls face and chest profile with her mouth closed. The white blob by itself in the lower right side black area is her ear.

The babies are great weights and measurements for their gestational age of 33 weeks 0 days. The boy is measuring two weeks ahead and the girl is one week ahead on the growth curve. The weights can be off by a pound in either direction as they are based on the head & abdomen circumference and the length of the femur and upper arm bones all averaged out. The boy is estimated at 5 lbs 3 oz and the girl is estimated at 4 lbs 13 oz. I thought they would be about 5.5 lbs but am very happy they are doing so well. And as much as they move and kick they probably already have great dense muscles and weigh more. :-)

The OB appointment went OK overall. This is not my favorite OB of the group. She is very pro c-section and really minimized my concerns about recovery from surgery. I mentioned that my concern with a c/s is how poorly I've recovered from past surgeries. She tried to say I would have just as hard of a time with a vaginal delivery and would most likely tear or have an episiotomy anyway. That's pretty interesting. Of course, either way is unpleasant, messy and requires recovery. But how can major surgery compare with a vaginal delivery? Not sure.... I am OK with having a c/s if needed. She basically said I should plan on one. She did say she would write me out of work whenever I'm ready. That was a tempting treat dangled in front of me, but I just couldn't say yes. Maybe it's the idea of future bragging rights to say I managed to work full time up until the end. Even though I do nothing at all when not at work and poor Guy is at his wits end trying to take care of the house, me, work and pack for our move. That's not really anything to brag about later other then how awesome my husband is. And he is awesome!! Then there is also that loss of income and the stress I know my coworker, Gwen, will be under when I leave. The income won't be a total loss as my short term disability will kick in at 60% of my income not taxed. So it won't be much of a loss. Gwen was definitely crossing my mind as I was sitting there thinking no way could I do that to her yet. All my tests came back great with no signs of any of the pregnancy related complications like toxemia or any of the many others.

And lastly - We have graduated to weekly appointments from here on out! And the OB said if I go into labor they will not stop it anymore since the babies had such wonderful estimated weights! We are down to the last little bit now.... That could last 5 more weeks. lol



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