Friday, December 28, 2007

After the silence...

OK, bad Shannon not updating the blog for so long!

This morning I was thinking about my good friend from church/high school who I lost touch with by about 23. She always made me laugh. We didn’t live in a very good neighborhood growing up. Instead of bringing in her handbag whenever we went to my house she would always leave it in her trunk. I didn’t think this was safer, but she did. One day we were with our friend Sam. As we arrived at the townhouse she parked on the main road, we all walked to the trunk, and she put her handbag in the trunk. She slammed the trunk shut. It didn’t latch. She did it again. It still didn’t latch. This time when she lifted the lid I put my hand in and moved her handbag strap off the latch. She said as she slammed it down finally latching it, “Oh, I thought your hand was in there!” LOL Did she intend to slam down the lid on my hand? And yes, she is a natural blond.

I’M OFF THE CRUTCHES!!!! FINALLY!!! It is not comfortable to walk but I ditched the crutches on Christmas Eve and haven’t used them since.

We had a very quiet Christmas. Tawni and Sam came down from Virginia Beach again. They arrived late on Friday after we watched the movie I Am Legend with Will Smith. Wow, it was more of a horror story then an action flick. Not my cup of tea, because those kinds of movies make me think of them for quite a while afterwards. They also freak me out while watching them. Guy didn’t like it either and never thought of it again. Saturday we all hung out at the house except for a trip to the grocery store & pizza joint. We also detoured to pick up Guy’s police cruiser. He went to pick up the pizza on his own but locked the keys in the car… lol We had to get the extra keys from home to bring to him. Since we live 20 minutes from the pizza joint it was a long time before we got our pizza. Tawni just sat at home the entire day. Oh, I forgot we did all go out again to go to our church Ward party. They had food neither Guy or Tawni would eat so we left and went to Chick-Fil-A. We stopped by Wall-Mart for a new game too. So we played The Game of Life and Catch Phrase. Both of which we all loved. Guy was surprised at how much fun it was.

Sunday Guy and I went to church. The sacrament meeting was the adult Christmas program with the choir. Very nice. Guy came in to teach the little ones with me since I was still on crutches. The little ones are so cute. I only get to teach them one more Sunday. Then I am either going to have the newest 3 turning 4 year olds or not teaching at all. Whichever the Primary presidency decides to do with me. They are worried I won’t be able to teach much longer with the pregnancy I seem to be having. We had our Christmas dinner on Sunday night with Tawni, Sam, and our friends Aleesha & Mondo with their two boys Ethan & Jaxon. Tawni was upset they were invited as she thought it should be family only. What family is she from? We always had friends at our family feasts. We had fun, and managed to throw in a game of Catch Phrase. The girls won!

Tawni bought us a diaper bag for Christmas. It is nice and big and black. It will fit either Guy or I and over the stroller handle. And it has a changing pad with it too.

The pregnancy is progressing well. I have finally gained some weight which has gone strait to the belly! I can still wear my normal pants (the larger ones), but I am beginning to get to the point of no zipping at all. So as long as the shirts are long then I can keep wearing them. The problem then becomes the non availability of long shirts. I’ve almost grown out of a few maternity shirts because they are too short as the belly sticks out there farther and farther. I’m having normal aches and pains. Tight feeling skin and round ligament (hurts down in the nether region) pain are the most obvious. I have to lean back to eat a normal meal so it fits. When I walk there are some Braxton Hicks contractions where my belly gets really hard but no pain. Those stop when I rest more. We just took a tape measure to my belly. It’s already a whopping 40 inches. Wow. My normal waist size is 32 inches. When I thought I’d gained a couple inches the last two weeks I was way off. It was more like 4 inches…

Monday (12/31/07) is another growth u/s and regular OB appointment. It will be interesting to see if the babies are still on top and bottom or if they are beginning to move side by side. Now that they are moving around more I’m not nervous, but I do look for at least one movement from each per day. Guy still hasn’t been able to feel them move yet even though by leaving his hand on my belly last night he got them moving. It will all come soon enough. I’ve actually felt a kick in my rib already. Granted I was leaning forward a bit, but still shocking the girl could reach my rib already. Over this last week the boy has firmly started to apply pressure on my bladder. Gone are the lovely days of going to the restroom with a full bladder every time. Sometimes its amazing there was even the urge to go with how little comes out.

That’s all for now… There will be no more big gaps like this. I promise!



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