Saturday, June 26, 2010

The end of a season.

I have loved softball since I was a little girl.  Fortunately last year my old neighbor invited me out to play on a church league with her.  Oh YEAH!  Sadly our season came to an end tonight.  Happily we are the champs!  Everyone has gelled together so well with good natured ribbing & some great playing.  

So many people have helped out with the kids on the many evenings Guy has had to work during my games.  There were other kids of players, parents of players, spectators from the church & a few helpers I brought along.  On each occasion I tried to thank them up to the point of groveling {kidding}, but seriously there is a special place in my heart for each of my amazing helpers.  It has been great to get out there and play.  Playing sports is kinda my thing after photography.  I wish I could be doing some kind of organized sport at least once a week.  The kids have also certainly enjoyed their time with all the 'nanny's' and 'poppy's' {as they call anyone with grey hair} along with their love of just being out.  

A camera is not really something I want to worry about while playing and keeping an eye out for where the kids are.  This was the first time I was able to bring it to a game.  The moments before the championship match on tournament day is a pretty good place to have one.  It's too bad we lost the match and had to play just one more to win the championship.  I think it was the first game we lost in weeks.  
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Thanks for the great times ladies and coaches!!!



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