Friday, November 20, 2009

Our sweet Madison

Our cute little Madison has decided she doesn't need hands or handrails to go up or Down steps. Well, some steps. She is a smart cookie so she'll only go down wide steps and last steps when there is plenty of room to correct a bit of wobble. We were all totally amazing since going down stairs with no support is usually a 2-3 year old skill. Check it out!

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We were definitely grateful for our friends pool net. Madison also decided to test it out by walking right into it. She got wet, but no one else did trying to fish her out! lol The only part of her that got wet was her knees and a little of her shorts.

If you are hanging out with me and are looking for a little baby love Please pick Madison. She seems to have the need to be held about 1/2 of every day now. What's up with that? She is definitely our Little Lumpa Love!

Her bangs are getting long enough I really need to start pulling them back every day. She pulls hair bows out right away, but will leave a rubber band in longer. The other day I switched her earrings out, and she was really pleased when only she received the special earring treatment & pretty compliments on them. Hmmm, maybe I'll start making a big deal about the hair clips. Blogging is often so good for organizing ones thoughts.

Madison loves to sing. She loves dry snacky foods like pretzels, goldfish and corn chex. She'd rather drink milk then eat anytime, and breakfast is not her favorite meal. Madison can repeat almost any word I ask her to say, but she rarely talks to say something. Her feelings are very easily injured, but she does not want to stop doing something just because I tell her no. No matter how badly Blake hurts her in his exuberance she loves him unconditionally and will always be in site of him unless she is in our arms or asleep.

Speaking of asleep. I'm off to bed! Madison will not nap in the car unless it is an hours long ride. She also takes her time going to sleep. We knew she took a while to go to sleep, but with the supervision needed due to the toddler beds we see how long it takes her. I love watching the process she goes through. We now are leaving the door open instead of sitting in the room with them. Maybe by next week well be able to just shut the door after telling them to go to sleep.



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