Wednesday, September 2, 2009

30 days of summer - Day 28 - Have you ever had to bowl your water?

Once again Madison proved she is just too tall for her own good.

She was a little fussy while I was doing the dishes this evening. Behavior very normal around here while trying to do dishes so I ignored it. All of a sudden I hear a small splat! Yuk. She just puked on the floor behind me. After cleaning it up I tried to figure out what made her sick by mentally reviewing her recent intake. Nothing came to mind and she toddled off to play with Blake obviously feeling a lot better. As I turned back to the dishes I notice there was a milk cup missing from last nights milk. Ah ha! Sure enough I tracked it down out on the screened porch with the kids, still 1/2 full of gross milk. I am still wondering how she got it off the counter. It was not close to the edge at all.

They look sad in these pictures, but they really love being out there and someone on the other side of the glass to play with.
WH Sep03 09 1

Guy reminded me to blog about something that happened to me a few weeks ago. We received a recorded call letting us know there would be some routine maintenance done to our water main in a couple of days between the hours of 8am to 5pm. She mentioned we would have to bowl water for at least 24 hours. She didn't have much of an accent so I wondered if I heard her correctly. My thoughts started imagining bowls of water around our house for flushing, tooth brushing, drinking, food prep, dish washing and whatever else. It was going to be a lot of bowls and how do I keep the kids out of them. My thoughts turned to planning to be away from home as much of the day as possible. Then it occurred to me I couldn't possibly have heard her right even though she repeated it a few times and I chose the option of listening to the message again.

Rewind a couple of years. I used to work with a very NC southern girl named Angela. What a nice person! One day I heard her say oil when talking to someone. It pretty much sounded like bowl with no B. Oh, it finally dawned on me what she was telling me. Instead of telling me to 'bowl' my water she was saying I really needed to 'boil' my water! Can I just roll on the floor laughing? Guy also got a good kick out of it. Really, I should have made a video of this story so you could hear what I heard! Hope you got a kick out of it too. Not many people have a strong accent here in North Carolina, but a few words have a definite twist to them.

For a few more giggles check out this updated version of the many faces of Blake storyboard.
WH Sep03 09 2

Madison isn't quite as crazy as Blake. While Blake may be the class clown, Madison will be working it. She is a watcher then a doer.
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