Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hmmmm & tips for traveling with multiples

When it has been a while there is sooooo much to say, but it doesn't seem as note worthy as when it just happened. Since most people reading this blog are in it for the babies here's a bit of an update on them.

Blake can crawl well and is pulling himself up to standing, OH, about every two seconds. He is also really 'getting' talking on the phone. His conversations pretty much include listening and repeating his long drawn out version of Hello. It sounds about the same each time and does resemble Hi more then hello. Blake will eat about anything. However, if I put it into his mouth he has to pull it out then will pop it right back in. He refuses to pick up gooey food. Today he had some spicy black beans at a Mexican restaurant. Loved em. He is the biggest mama's boy in the world. No matter how content he is doing something by himself or with someone if he sees me he HAS to have me. Guy got a small taste of this treatment while we were in Utah as well. Blake also says some other words now including one short sentence! "I'll get it" We were pretty amazed to hear that one. He definitely applied it correctly too after spotting something he liked, saying it and going for it. He has climbed up stairs too. Blake also stood for about 15 seconds today unassisted when he had his shoes on. Our little pooper still poos at least 4 times every single day. Stinker! He thinks his throat has been cut permanently every time he gets hungry. From the moment I start to make a bottle until it is popped into his mouth he is going a bit mad grunting , whining, and/or chasing me for it. When they go down for a nap Blake will put his binky into his mouth, stand up, and turn to Madison's crib/playpen and laugh through the binky at her. Blake makes kissing noises at us and he can now wave.

Madison has also started to crawl in the last week. She still has a few issues trying to figure out how to use her legs and tries to keep one of them strait. She has the most charming smile and a cute deep pitched giggle. She is pretty fast getting the finger foods into her mouth no matter what the texture. However, she has fabulous storage cheeks, apparently. She is also a more picky eater. She often falls asleep from a sitting position hunched over a leg. She is generally woken up by her brother and calmly waits while he fusses to be attended to. Why fuss when she has someone who will do it for her. Not only does she hoard food but toys as well. Just the last couple days she has figured out how to put what is in her hand down to reach for an additional toy. She isn't quite as cuddly as she used to be with her new found activity. Boy the excitement and convulsing laugh she gave the first time she 'chased' after Blake and caught him two days ago. Her whole body heaved and her hands crashed down onto his back as she laughed. Maddy can also wave.

I also have two great new tips for traveling with multiples!
This one is for road trips. Low to mid range hotels make a GREAT place to stop and feed/change/exercise babies! I had this brain wave on my way here to Atlanta the other day and tried it out. My thought was they generally have a couch in the lobby, cleaner floors then my other winter options and a clean bathroom. I went into a Marriott Fairfield with the diaper supplied down my hoodie, a blanket draped over my shoulder, a baby in each arm, and had planned on the bottles in my back pockets (had to run back out for those)! The ladies were already cooing before I reached the front desk. After asking to use the lobby to change, feed and let them crawl a little they excitedly said, "YES!" One of the ladies even offered to hold one while I changed each diaper. Most people do travel with their spouse or someone else making it a little different, but this will definitely be an option for us in the future when traveling as a family. My other stop the same day was at a McDonald's around 3pm when they were not busy. At the register I asked if one of their female staff would be able to help me by holding a baby while I changed diapers. They were more then happy to accommodate and she then helped me by getting the high chairs for me.
My second tip is for flying. I accidentally left two water bottles in the diaper bag since we woke up late for our flight home from Utah. I also had a reusable plastic bowl & lid with some homemade baby food well over 4 oz in size. They were able to clear both since it is for baby food. This one will not always work, but was worth the risk for us, because of the prices to buy any additional water past security. It did take about 10 minutes longer to get through security. We always plan to drive up to the airport at least 2 1/2 hours prior to our flight in order to avoid stress with baby delays. Many times we are just making it to the gate as it is time to board.

A photo in front of our house on January 20th. Madison and Blake have on hats I made for them. Madison also has on an adorable jacket I picked up from a fellow Freecycler! It's an 18 month but fits more like a 2T so she should be able to wear it next year.
Babies 9 months 1333

I got to meet some of my online infertility girls one of whom I've known online for 3 years now. It is amazing to see us all with babies after so much drama trying to get them. From left: Annie's son is now 5 months old. Ashlee (newer to our group) is trying for #2 and also had trouble becoming pregnant with her son. The girl belongs to Emily (also newer to our group) on the far right who is also trying for #2. Wendy's son hiding behind in the middle has a fabulous adoption story. And my two little ones are certainly taking up a ton of space on the bench compared to the other kids! Five years of trying to get pregnant was a long long time. I will not forget the struggle it was and feel it helps me to appreciate the kids more especially in the moments when they are hard to deal with.
Babies 9 months 1678

Blakey with his daddy
Babies 9 months 1368

I also actually won something! Whoa! Check out this blog. She has lots of great ideas.


Whitehouse II February 9, 2009 at 11:34 AM  

Seeing as no one commented on this entry yet I will be the first. Of course we all love to hear about the kids but there are quite a few of us that are interested in you and Guy as well. Maybe it's cause you 2 are all grown up now and not as cute as you were back then. lol
Kidding. We miss you guys too. It was fun having you out and spending time visiting. Oh, Alyssa expressed alot of interest in a camera like yours. I told her that she can have one when she gets a job. lol


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