Thursday, July 31, 2008

Guy is a rock star

Today was Guy's first day off. We got so much done. HE got so much done. Wow! Our house already looks 10 times better then it has since we got home from Utah. And I have still had time to work on pictures today. We also took Madison to get her x-ray finally. It is all clear. She had to get an x-ray of her hips since she is a girl, breach birth and a twin. All three make it a definate request by the Ped.

Today is day three of cloth diapering. It is much easier then either of us thought it would be. Of course we did not enjoy changing a poopie cloth diaper on the road today. And Blake gave us that special present just as we arrived at the radiology office. This happens to be the office that does not have ANY baby changing stations. How rude! Since I refuse to put a baby on the bathroom floor we had to use a bench in the waiting room. It was stinky. Then the wet bag I had doesn't seal all the way. So when we were at BJ's it was busy leaking stinky air into the Envoy... On the way home we also had something fall over onto the bag which expelled a sudden waft of stinky air our way. We decided to use sposies when we're out for a while. Other then todays incedent the cloth are pretty cool. We are modifying our original wash schedule. The twins seem to poop in the morning most of the time. I was starting the laundry as we went to bed. So tomorrow we are waiting until they poop to start the wash in the hopes that there are no poopie diapes mouldering in the hamper.

Two more slide shows

This first slide show is a lot of the photos from our trip to Utah.

This slide show is of two different sessions of the kids at play during our trip. The first one was when I set up the camera for the kids and the black background. They took turns taking a large number of photos of themselves. Occasionally I would help and coach them, but most of the photos were taken by Bradley, Belle, Afton and Alyssa.

See if this works. Slide show of Jamie's family shots

Some cool shots with the our wedding rings



Both with the rings.

Guy's great and funny idea. Blake. Madison. I just figured out the other day that Blakey White goes along really well with the Mickey Mouse song! It is so cute. B - l - a - k - e - y and so on.

We are finally using our cloth diapers!!!

The first day in cloth. Madison on the left. Blake on the right. We love our Bum Genius diapers we bought from Cotton Babies!

Moose gaurding the babies. He is getting more comfortable around them all the time. Just wait until they can pull his tail and poke him in the eye...

Blake top. Madison bottom.
Blake. Madison. Aren't these diapers adorable? And it is sooooo much easier then I thought it would be. However, I think we will be using the disposables (sposies from here on out) whenever we go out.

Baby love photos

Blake on the left, then Madison. It's probably one of the only shots they look the same size. We weighed them a couple of days ago on our bathroom scale. They were 3 oz apart and were right about 15 lbs each.

Blake - Madison



Photos of the blessing group and kiddos

Here is everyone we know that came.

Here is just Guy's side of the family. Notice... There isn't much difference in the group size. lol

Blake - This outfit came from Michele's brood. We were very happy to borrow both the blessing outfits for the kids. And they will be able to say they got to wear the same outfit as another family member.

Madison - This outfit came from Jamie's brood. By now her daddy was hot, sweaty and tired of holding up babies so he ditched his jacket.

Mums new floor

This is the beautiful new floor Mum and Dad got while we were visiting. The red couch is also new. Well, so are the recliners for that matter as they were a gift from Donna...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sad & Happy to be home...

The babies are doing so many new things every day I can't remember them all... They are really starting to understand how their world works. Madison has different cries for different reasons. We weighed them on the bathroom scale to find out they are just under 15 pound each. Blake is now almost 3 times his lowest weight. Madison seems to have found her hand. Both of them are sucking on their fingers. Blake sucks on his left hand. Madison sucks on her right hand. They have little interest in the bouncers for long. They are still iffy on the floor activity mats too. Both of them LOVE watching TV. It absolutely fascinates them. Madison makes all kinds of noises and funny expressions when she poops. You wouldn't know Blake is pooping unless you are holding him. Madison startles very easily and she will make her eyes super wide open occasionally when looking at me. Madison also thinks the car and car seat are fine, but only if the car is moving at least 35 miles per hour. Otherwise she screams to be let out. Let's see, what else? Oh, there is just so much going on with them.

Rush's "Working Man" just came on the music channel (the babies listen to different channels each day to give them lots of music exposure) which reminded me of driving with Lin and some dude to go hike Squaw Peak eons ago! There's a plug for ya sis. I always associate the band, Rush, with Lin.

Yesterday was our first trip out alone to the grocery store. Yes, it was on Sunday... We arrived home Sunday morning from the trip at 12:30 am. Guy and I split ways to settle his working items and the babies. The bags still aren't fully unpacked. He got up for work at 4 am after only 2 hours of sleep since he had a hard time getting to sleep to sign on for work at 5 am. I got about 6 1/2 hours of sleep. When we got up I got bottles and the diaper bag ready. Melissa told me she was soooo tired of Moose and wanted me to pick him up as soon as possible since he barked so much at her house. We went to get him and fill the supremely empty gas tank. I decided to get a bean burrito on my way home to save time to make it on time to church. Bad idea. The line was slow and long and they gave me a beef burrito instead of bean. Wasn't bad though it did make me 10 minutes late instead of 5 minutes early. Back at the house I let Moose into the sun porch while Blake started to scream in agony. Apparently he thought the milk supply was permanently cut off for him. I pulled him out and nursed him for 6 minutes in the back seat. At that time Madison decided she was starving too. So then she got some too. Well, it did the trick to get us to church after the sacrament had been passed. I ended up wisely deciding to sit in the foyer. Blake woke up to be noisily fed followed by Madison 5 minutes after he was done. Lots of ladies started volunteering to take one ending up passing Blake around. After the Relief Society meeting I headed to the grocery store to get the necessities we were lacking. One baby went into the front carrier and the other in an infant car seat latched onto the shopping cart. A cart boy just happened to be walking by with a cart for me. I got in line after gathering all we needed while the babies both slept the 45 minutes away (apparently I was walking slow). The girl in front of me had a big heaping cart full. I noticed her son had on a cloth diaper. We started chatting and after forever her order was just about rung up. Did I mention that the cashier is the slowest checker ever (2nd time I've been in his line)? I asked her if we should exchange numbers and she happily said yes. I found a new friend!!! Mary has two kids with another one on the way. Once we arrived home Guy had to stop mowing the lawn to help me with the groceries. Madison decided she was once again never going to get food when the car got under 35 MPH coming up to the house. All in all it was a successful trip out by ourselves....

Today we also started using our cloth diapers. So far I've found out either Blake is a super heavy wetter or the water resistant cover has not quite been prepped properly and needs some more time in a hot dryer. All of a sudden my lap got very warm.... They are super cute and we are on the way. It should be a great journey of money and environmental savings for us.

I've been working on photos as much as possible today. I'll either upload a link to a faster upload site or start uploading them here soon.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Our trip is fast coming to an end

Just a few days ago it seemed like we were just hitting the middle of the trip which seemed like it was so nice and long. Now we are leaving tomorrow already! Such is life when one is enjoying themselves.

We went to the store for a few things on Wednesday (I think we have been to Wal-Mart at least once a day since arriving :-) with Mum's debit card. At Albertson's we had the clerk help us by putting in a phone number to give us the extra savings. Well, this particular debit/credit machine asked for her zip code before running the card as a credit. So what did I do?... I asked him what the zip code was for Lehi. He hollered over to someone at the customer service counter. The two girls talked for a minute. They hollered back the zip code which we entered into the machine. Does anyone find that horrifying and amusing?!?! People who use their own credit cards should know their own zip code. HELLO!! lol Luckily we were not trying to fraudulently use Mum's card.

The really cool thing about being up to date on the blog is I'm now able to put in amusing stories like the above instead of just a general overview of the recent events.

Update on the acid reflux/chuck up queen. Madison seems to be taking well to the new formula with no lactose in it. She also seems to respond alright to Gripe Water. Gripe Water is a cool British treatment for gas and a fussy baby. It is an herbal water. Melia picked some up for us from the British store. She still chucks up a lot, but not at every feeding and not quite as much.

Yesterday we had a large family gathering at Jamie's house since almost everyone (except him) had the day off for Pioneer Day. We really accidentally timed our trip very well. The BBQ was a lot of fun and a great time to visit with the family. Marci was a super stud and took care of one baby or another the entire time they were there. Guy and I got to eat right away. We had to leave before playing with fireworks though as we had only taken one feedings worth of bottles with us. I'm pretty sure Guy planned that. Tee hee.

For an update on breastfeeding. We have been feeding them by boob and then bottle at every feeding.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mum and Dad's new floor

It's looking great. I'll have to take an after photo to post. Sorry, no before photo.

Guy and I have had three fabulous nights sleeps in a row. Last night was the shortest of the three at 6 1/2 -7 hours (he got the 7 this time)! Love it. With these wonderful sleeps we have been able to get an early start to each day. The old saying - Early to bed and early to rise - applies so wonderfully here. I've always admired and strives to live with that saying whenever possible. AND even better, we have gone for a walk the last two mornings! Guy too!!! This morning we went 4 miles. Hopefully this wonderful trend will continue the rest of the trip and when we get home. Guy said he is going to try roller blading again. That way he can take either the babies or the dog when his schedule permits while I get the other. He hasn't decided which would be easier yet. I'll just stick to either the babies when rollerblading for a while and take Moose when we are only walking.

Yesterday we hung out at Melia's house while the floors were being done where Afton was home alone. Cynthia also came over with Alyssa, Bradley and Belle too. I set up the kids with their own mini 'studio' in the house. We put a black cloth over the front door, found a small side table then added a breadbox on top for the camera (it weighs a ton), found a small storage cube to sit on, and used Afton's Caboodle case for Belle to be able to see through the viewfinder. Then all the kids took turns taking photos of the others. They even got a few with both babies. We all thought it was a lot of fun and I can't wait to send them the photos they took.

Yesterday Guy and his dad stayed home to be here while the floors were being done (Today we all decided to stay home to rest and hang out). They got out two photo albums that covered the time they were in Hawaii where Guy was born. Yep, it's official.... Blake definitely looks like Guy. Now we both know we have a little look alike. His and hers kids. lol They do have certain features that are mixed up but look predominately like the same sex parent. Both of them have my eye shape and Guy's eye color. He has my super arched nails and she has his flatter nail beds. The albums were so much fun to look at. Now that we have been married a few years it is pretty easy to spot which kid is which in their younger photos. Melia and Ngaire are still hard for me sometimes, though. And boy to Afton and Marci look like their mamas when they were younger! Bradley looks so much like Jamie too. Donna was such a blondie with the same white blond hair Tawni has always had. I feel really lucky to have married into this family. There just aren't that many people out there who really love their in laws and enjoy being around them!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The last few days and blessings today

We spent the last few days at Jamie's house. Alyssa gave us the use of her room in the basement. It was nice and cool which Guy was really excited about.... Until we closed the door at night to keep out the cats (I'm allergic) and our four bodies heated up the room. Boy was he disappointed about that. We had even found him a fan to blow air right on him. As usual, he couldn't hear a thing I said to him the first time with a noisy fan by his ear. He does admittedly tune me out sometimes too.

Alyssa is still a rock star baby caretaker. Cynthia finally got to handle the babies some. On Saturday we took some family photos of their family, but (as usual) ended up skipping doing ours due to sleepy babies and a grumpy photo Guy. We went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant. It is the second Mexican place on this trip. Both of them had a very similar tasting salsa which is unlike anything I've ever had and tasty. Poor Guy still hates Mexican food and has suffered the bad American food that those restaurants serve to let me enjoy something I absolutely love. From the restaurant we split up. The guys went to go bond over some shooting and the ladies with all the kids headed to the mall. I would have loved to go shooting too, but I also love the mall. It's too bad you can't do everything you want to do in life. Jamie shot a perfect shot for his first shot. They saved the target with just the one shot for Jamie to keep as a souvenir.

At the mall the kids took turns, after much discussion and debating, pushing the kids in the umbrella strollers we picked up. Isabella (Belle, age 4) was super funny as she ran the stroller she pushed into everything and zig zagged her way around. Cynthia was trying to keep her as strait as possible. Bradley and Alyssa did great as always. There was on point at the Hallmark store when both babies decided to cry in unison startling a lady. She said, "Twin cries!!" It was kind of funny. We barely made it home in time to feed them. Guy and I hung out for a while while they went to a Cynthia family event. Then we went to the grocery store with Jamie, Bradley and Alyssa. At the store Alyssa had Blake in the Snugglie carrier. We got lots of funny looks for letting a petite 10 year carry a baby around! Some people thought it was cute while others looks scared and horrified by it.

I made some salsa for the lunch today while we waited for my sister, Bernie and Ngaire to arrive. It worked out great that Lin and Bernie were able to come and bring Guy's sister with them. Their Bronco almost didn't make it though. Hopefully they make it home OK tonight. They finally arrived just in time to help put the kids to sleep and get in a little cuddle with them. We figured out it has been over four years since we have seen Lin and Bernie and until recently it had been two years since we had talked as well.

This morning we all headed to church. The number of our family members was more then the entire number of others who showed up by 9:06 when they started the service. By the time they got through the opening song, prayer and ward business it was almost full. That is shocking to see so many people who are sooooo late. The boundaries are quite close so all the members could walk to the church if they wanted. We drive 30-40 minutes to get to our building in NC.

The blessings went very well. I'll need to dig out the paper I took notes on to give specifics regarding the blessings later. We took a photo of everyone that came for us afterwards then one of all of Guys side of the family. Then we all headed to Jamie's house. Once there we took a few photos of Guy and I with the babies and a couple by themselves. Since we didn't have a table and prop Guy just held them strait out and up. He was really tired afterwards. We hung out and ate and relaxed until about 2 pm when we headed to Mum and Dads.

Mum and Dad were asked to give their missionary homecoming talks today. With the feeding of the babies and getting my sister onto the computer at the house we walked in right as Mum was talking. She totally called us out!!! lol Ngaire was in front of me holding Blake and I was right behind. She called out Ngaire then announced her twins were also arriving as we were walking to a seat... Notice I didn't mention Guy? Well, he heard her staring her call out and diverted long enough to escape the call out! ha ha. In day to day live Dad has me cracking up a lot, but Mum's talk was absolutely hilarious while getting her point across. Dad also gave a very informative talk with direct counsel to all of his children. Yes, I will be getting out my patriarchal blessing when we get home to read. They went on a temple mission so their talk was mostly about the blessings of temples.

Back at the house I said goodbye to Lin, Bernie and Ngaire as they headed back up to Idaho. Even though they took all of MY vitamin waters! No one else likes what I drink so why do they? After that they all started moving the furniture for the upcoming new floor installation Guy helped them decide on starting in the morning. They are getting new laminate flooring on the entire first floor of the town home.

The only hard part about staying at Jamie's house were the little curious eyes I was trying not to flash when breastfeeding. They haven't eaten very well whenever the kids were around. This morning I woke up with the biggest boobs ever. Bodacious ta tas!

Friday, July 18, 2008

The trip continues

We bought some formula here that is lactose free. So far Madison is not chucking up as much as she was. It looks like we may have found all the tricks we needed to in order to 'cure' our little Mad Mady! I am also going off dairy for a few days to see if it makes a difference for her and me too. My tummy has been upset the last few times I've eaten cereal. Now, anyone who knows me also knows that taking cereal out of my diet is a major tragedy...

Donna and Lee came over for dinner two nights ago. We ate the best lamb I have ever had.

Melia and Wayne came over last night to visit. She was looking much better then the first day we saw her. It turns out that first night she went to the hospital after leaving Mum and Dads house and was there until 4 am. No one can still figure out what is happening with her. I sure hope someone does soon.

Dirk also came by to visit last night. He saw the babies and we had a good chat.

Michele came over today with Karissa and Marci. They all took turns holding, changing and talking to the babies. Marci even got a Madison poopy diaper. Lucky us. The electricity went off just before they left.

Guy and I are just about to leave for Jamie's house next. What a fantastic laid back trip that allows us to have personal time with all of the family members.

I've been taking quite a few photos and will certainly be posting a ton of them when we are back in NC. No lap top to work on them on vacations anymore :-(. And I'm taking the photos in raw so I have to have my editing program to do anything with them.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We made it to Utah

After a crazy start to our day yesterday we are happily here at the parents house. So far we have seen 3 of the 4 siblings who live here and their families. I'm so surprised (don't know why) at how big and grown up all the kids are. We got to see Afton, Michael & Brendon first with their mom Melia. Mum went over and picked the kids up in the afternoon. They hung out with the babies while I took a 2 hour nap to get up to my 6 hours sleep requirement. Then Melia came over after work. We all hung out and had fun. Then Jamie, Cynthia, Alyssa, Bradley & Belle came over next followed by Donna, Lee and Sariah (their super cute dog) 5 minutes later. The party was on then. Alyssa was absolutely fabulous with the babies. She put our little sleep fighter Madison right into a nice sleep where she actually was able to be put down. Afton was good with them too. We felt bad we had to ditch out early to put the babies to bed since they aren't the kind of babies who can just be put down and left. Madison did her typical wake up shortly after we put her down and took another hour and half to get her to really be asleep.

Mom isn't going to be able to come this weekend. Now I feel so guilty for talking her into paying $200 to fly up here for the blessings this weekend. She hasn't been able to get a cardiologist appointment even after trying 15 doctors. Her work will not let her go back to work until she has been cleared by a cardiologist. The doc in VA also told her not to fly again until she saw one as well. The first appointment she could get was on Monday at 9:30 am. I just hope she gets all better.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Off to see the family

We are almost ready to leave for Utah very early in the morning. My friend Heather came over to sit with the kids while I ran around to get a bunch of stuff done. They were pretty good for her. I was able to eat with no baby in my arms, take a shower, fold laundry, pack, ready bottles, gather some food, straiten up a bit and get the diaper bag ready. Guy got off work early too. After running a couple more errands we can get down to the business of trying to cram in as much sleep as possible before we head out to the airport. The flights there and back are completely sold out. We also cannot sit in the same row with two lap children because of the lack of oxygen masks. One of the errands we are off to run right now is to return my prenatal vitamens. Apparently they changed the formula. They now are at the top teir of our copay. $50!?!?!?!? For vitamens. You have to be kidding me. We are going to take them back and get some cheaper ones. They look exactly the same as the old ones which worked fine.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

11 week photos

Here are photos from the babies 11th week.

Amanda and Maria took the babies at the edge of the park the 4th of July party was held at. They had them the entire time we were there.
Amanda and Madison

Maria and Blake

Guy and Richard stopping by while working. Rick was there too, but left before I could get a shot with him in it. The guys were actually the first people to nab the babies. They got them out of the car as soon as I pulled up. It's always, "Hi Shannon/Guy, where are the babies?" lol We think it's cool.

This was the first few minutes Sam and Tawni arrived at the hospital to see mom. I am holding little Riley. He is forward in the photo so looks a tad bigger then he is.

Tawni and Riley

Madison sucking on the binky and hugging her little lamb blanket thingy. Rick and Adel gave a pink one to Madison and a blue one to Blake. They both love them, and they are super soft.
(Yes, for the observant ones it does look like Madison is flipping the bird in this photo)

Tawni and Riley

Mom in holding Madison after she got back from the exploratory procedure.

Mom and Mady again.

Me and mom.

Tawni and Riley after she fed him. These next three are variations of the same scene.

Some shots of the jets doing touch and go training by Tawni's house. They are super super super loud if you haven't heard one before. And the noise is constant and at all hours of the day and night. Sam couldn't here me talking (yelling) to him in the hospital parking lot from 10 feet away. The hospital is several miles further then their apartment.

Mom and Riley
Riley's feet
Mom and Riley
A close up of Moose
And a close up of Madison looking funny.
Moose has finally accepted the babies it seems. He laid down and scooted up against Blake the other night. That is something he normally does with us.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Updates all around - pics to follow

Happy Friday! This morning we are settling back in after an unexpected trip. On Tuesday I called my mom to see how they were all doing up in Virginia Beach. She let me know she was in the hospital again, thought Tawni would have called me, and couldn't get a cell phone signal out from her hospital bed. She said she was having heart issues again and was waiting for the test results to come back. She knew she would be having surgery/procedure done that day. Guy and I spoke and were able to pack everything up and head up there in only an hour and a half. Pretty impressive with infant twins and no warning! We ended up getting to the hospital literally 3-5 minutes after they took her in to have the procedure done. The doctor came and talked to us after she was done. He was a very nice doctor who gave off a wonderful sense of competence and calm. He explained she had an electrical issue with her ventricle. He would go back in through an artery in her leg again the following day to try and stimulate the bad rhythm she was having. Then he would be able to cauterize the spot causing the issue to eliminate the problem.

The next morning she went in again. We spoke to the doctor after the procedure. He let us know everything went really well. They were able to start the bad rhythm to find the spot and cauterize it. While they were in there they found two other bad rhythm spots in her aorta as well. The small one they were able to take care of and the other one should be able to be managed by medication. He said her heart was nice and strong with no blockages or other issues. Mom looked great the whole time we were there. I'm really glad we were able to go see her. Even though I felt from the first phone call a week ago that she would be fine it was still nice to spend some time with her and give our support. Tawni and Sam weren't able to make it to the hospital much as they had a doctors appointment each day for Riley and were dealing with the newborn sleepless nights.

Riley is cute. I got to hold him twice when we were there. Tawni is getting used to breastfeeding and Riley is trying to kick out all the drugs in his system from the c-section and the stuff Tawni is taking. He hasn't been waking on his own to eat much. I think the last couple days have been going a bit better with him waking when he should.

Blake and Madison were little angels on our trip. Both ways they slept the whole drive as it was in their afternoon nap time. They also did very well at night for us and we were able to get a total of 8 hours of sleep both nights! Their sleep is always so much better when there is someone to tag team them with me.

Moose is healing from the dog bite. Our friend was pretty nervous about putting a new dressing on him every day while we were gone. He sat there and held up his leg for her whenever she put a new one on. He is a typical dog in that he licks his wound obsessively so we have had to put a new dressing on each time he gets the old one off.

The babies are both smiling a lot for me now. They also seem to be getting a little more on a schedule each day. There is starting to be some predictability. Right now Madison is asleep on my chest. She requires at least one sleep a day be on someones chest or snuggled up in some way.

Just call me the drama girl! I feel like my life has been filled with so much drama since I got pregnant. Today's drama was not fun at all. I was trying to get settled in to feed and cuddle the babies with the big nursing pillow clipped around me, a baby in each arm, and trying to put a boppy pillow under the big nurser for support. The boppy was getting snagged and not going in. As I was trying to get it all propped up Blake slipped out of my arm, bounced off the beds footboard and landed on his head from a distance of about 2-3 feet off the ground. His body came down on his head as well and his folded over onto the floor. As I'm leaning forward to get him there goes Madison as well. She landed on her brothers body and her face ended up in the carpet. Both babies started to wail immediately for about 5 minutes. Both seem just fine with no visible marks, eyes dilating OK, no abnormal breathing and normal behavior. My friend Lisa calls while I am trying to calm them down and tells me a story of how her son wiggled off the changing table at 3 months and seemed fine. The next day his head swelled up and he had a fractured skull. Talk about scarring me when I'm already a bit traumatized!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday RILEY LANCE CAITO!!!!

Little Riley arrived this morning by c-section at 9:21 am and was 9lbs 5oz and 21 1/2 inches long. Tawni said that baby was big and she was right. She had to have a c/s since labor did not progress her past 4 cm dilation after 20 hours since her water broke. She also developed an infection during labor with a fever. The girl who gave me the stats wasn't very sure of them so hopefully I'm reporting Riley's correct information.

My mom is about to land in Virginia Beach. The doctors wanted to keep her in the hospital over the weekend. She told them since her mother has the same condition she knows how to manage it. They gave her a prescription. Glad to hear the stubborn woman is coming out here. But since Tawni had a c/s they may not be able to come visit us. I don't know if we have enough gas and hotel money to drive up there and visit them. They don't need a hotel to visit us since we have the guest bed and a blow up mattress (and plenty of couches). Guy has off Monday through Thursday next week.

This morning was pretty hectic but went well. My friend, Lisa, came over to help me get the kids ready and out the door. Her husband turned off the alarm making them late for everything. She arrived when we wanted to leave. I had most everything ready and even managed a shower. We went to our Ward 4th of July breakfast. It was really nice and the food was tasty. After eating and socializing a little I went to our old Ward's breakfast. How weird is it that both congregations had the same activity at the same time? Guy is working today so he could only go to the one in the city he works in while on duty. Because we have no cell phones I took the home phone to have the numbers to make calls from other peoples cell phone. It's a good thing too. I thought the activity in Garner would be at the church. Nope, not one car in the lot. So I drove to the closest business (CVS) and got out of the car realizing my dilemma. How was I going to go in to make a phone call with two infants in the car? How much of a pain would it be to get them out to go in? I stood there for a few minutes and a nice pharmacist drove up for work. He kindly lent me his cell phone and Guy gave me directions to the park. Can you imagine how funny it looked to have me holding my bulky home phone and typing in the number on this strangers cell phone? It was so nice to see all the people I haven't seen in two months. Rick and Rich were there with Guy and they took the babies right away. We then got about 20 feet further when Amanda and Maria took the babies. They kept them the entire time I was there which was fine with me! There was no place to breastfeed the babies so I skipped that feeding. Well, right about the end of the activity I had to stuff a burp cloth up there to prevent huge leaky wet spots. My boobs have been 'off' since then.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tawni & my mom are in the hospital!!!

What?!?!? MY LITTLE SISTER IS FINALLY IN LABOR!!! Her water broke around noon. Woooo Hooooo!!! We should have little Riley in the next 24 hours.
In sad news my mom is in the hospital and may not be able to go see Tawni. And that would mean she can't come see me either. She plans on beating up the doctor to let her come visit. It is a genetic problem with her heart like my grandma has. I don't know much about it yet. She was being called away by someone at the hospital when we were talking. My grandma takes a pill to manage the issue so hopefully it isn't to serious. But the doc did send her to the hospital so that generally means it is serious. At least right now.

Madison only likes to sleep on her tummy

Blake sleeps in most positions

The view from the front porch. Loads of trees and peaceful

The front view


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