Saturday, May 3, 2008

Blake & Madison are 2 weeks old!!!!

OK. Now I have a few minutes to make some comments on these new photos.
Here is Blake when he was getting a full change for the evening.

Blake still has the big bags under his eyes because he is still so underweight. But he is starting to eat more and finally pooping about once a day. They both still need to be woken up for most feedings though.

This is Blake meeting grandma for the first time. We had just picked my mom up from the airport and stopped to eat her favorite meal. Steak!

Blake (front) and Madison looking at grandma.

Here is Madison getting her second sponge bath. She is the grumpy one of the two.

Little Blake getting his second bath. Look how skinny his arm is.

Mom and I getting them ready for the photos. We had just gotten up for the day.

Blake getting his lotion rub down by grandma.

Blake went first for these towel photos.

He is just so sweet.

Madison wasn't so happy to get her photo taken. She also lost her cord the night before.

A quick shot of Madison with a calm face.

Madison with her wrinkly skin. And she is the chunkier one of the two right now.

Madison being held by daddy.

Madison's back side.


Madison in the back and Blake in the front.

Blake on the left and Madison on the right.

All the feet together.

Blake's turn.

Blake our calm boy.

Blake is starting to lose his cord today (Sunday the 4th).


Texas Lisa May 4, 2008 at 11:49 PM  

Poopie was 4 lbs 11oz when we took him home. Now, he is HUGE and I can't remember him that small. Seeing your two tiny, adorible babies brings back memories. I love checking your site to see their newest pics! :)

Ashlee and Jake May 5, 2008 at 4:35 PM  

WOW! They are so cute! I bet it has been so much fun! Love the pictures!


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