Friday, October 26, 2007

The first comments

Hey everyone! Here is my new blog! It will be for my family and friends to keep up with Guy and I and the two little ones on the way.
It's finally raining here. We have had rain for two full days with today making three. It is making up for some of the super extreme droubt conditions we have had. The normal around here is to rain about one day a week thru the summer. It was more like one day a month this summer. Yea, for rain!
We have made it to 11 weeks pregnant with the little twiners. As most people know I am having issues finding an OB I like who will work with me on my pregnancy goals. With twins, my almost 35 age, having had fertility issues, having fibriods and having large cysts from the fertility drugs I am considered high risk. They really should monitor me including ultra sounds (noted as u/s from now on) at least once a month or less is OK if the cysts go away. Also, the first OB I saw was pushing a c-section already. A little soon for that! The next appointment is 11/5 so another update after that. We are still trying to get a belly shot so hopefully tomorrow. FINALLY. :-)
I just found out yesterday another uncle was just diagnosed with colan cancer which has gone into the bones. They will begin chemo soon. The prognosis is not good though. After a lifetime of no cancer in the family there are two poeple in two months! I'm not nearly as close to this uncle as my Uncle Lance. He really holds a special place in my heart and has had a lot of impact on my growing up years. So far Uncle Lance has gone thru radiation to shrink the tumors in his brain that were causing paralisis. He has also had two chemo treatments which are done once a month with 4 more scheduled. I'm so glad he has gotten his mobility mostly back!
Guy's sister Melia is also being seen for a tumor in her salivatory glands on 11/5. Not very many of this type of tumor are cancerous so I'm hoping this one stays benign. This type of tumor does have to come out though and they also take the glands it is near. This can create a lack of natural saliva depending on where they are. Just waiting on her appointment for now.
As most people know I disowned my dad two years ago after he crossed the line for the millionth time. We found Gracie on myspace a few weeks ago. So we are now in contact with her and she just reached the fabulous milestone of her sweet 16 birthday! Her parents know we talk and have said it is OK. Hopefully after the twins are born she can come visit us. I really don't want to wait until she is 18.
That's all for now. Trying to put too much info into one session.



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