Wednesday, March 24, 2010

TMI - Let's talk about poop

{The first day of our cruise & the second morning pictures are shown.}
Us Mar10_1014.jpg

I don't know about you, but I'm not really an analytical person other then the quick day to day mind workings helping me make decisions.  I don't get into learning the mysteries of the gospel as I'd rather master the basics first.

{There was music playing as we sailed out.  Blake took turns dancing & watching everything go past.}
Us Mar10_1015.jpg

Us Mar10_1016.jpg

Us Mar10_1017.jpg

Every once in a while I get to thinking.  Sometimes it's about silly things like why people drive the way they do.  Guy & I had a conversation on the way to the airport about how you can tell what people are planning on doing by the way they drive.  Just a little drift to the left will indicate someone is about to change lanes. Yep, there went the blinker and over they go.

{Madison had an accident just before getting on the ship.  We only had new undies so she was pants-less for a few hours.}
Us Mar10_1018.jpg

This morning I had an in depth analysis {thinking not touching!} of my kids poop.  They eat the same things at the same times.  Blake eats a bit more then she does.  They both have a glass of milk in the morning & around dinner time, and they both drink water during the day.  Madison drinks a bit more water then Blake.  What their individual bodies do with the same amount of food & water is WAY different.  Blake pees less, poops softer & more often.  Madison pees way more, and has super wide dry looking poop {less stinky too}.  It makes me think the book I saw a long long time ago titles something like Eat Right for Your Body Type has some basis to it.  My body works better when I eat red meat at least once a week & spicy foods.   Anyway, I was thinking about poop today.

{They loved being in the airport.  If we could still get to the gates like back in the old days, I would take them to the airport just for fun.}
Us Mar10_1003.jpg
{Maddy is waving to the plane.}
Us Mar10_1009.jpg
{And so is Blake.}
Us Mar10_1012.jpg

This weather has been fantastic!  We had a good time getting out into the yard for some work & play.  Besides my butchered job on one of the shrubs that is!   We also stopped by Crabtree Lake park this morning to use the bathroom and play on the playground equipment.  I definitely want to go back there for some trail walking/biking and rent some boats.  I think the kids would like to get out on the water.

{It must be hard to see everything, dance & have to look at mom when she calls.}
Us Mar10_1021.jpg

{He is checking out the boat riding our waves.}
Us Mar10_1024.jpg

{The boat by the last bit of land we passed on our way out to sea.}
Us Mar10_1029.jpg

Us Mar10_1034.jpg

Us Mar10_1035.jpg

{There was a long line of boats coming in perfectly spaced.}
Us Mar10_1038.jpg

{I couldn't believe the color of the water.  It is unlike any color I've seen in water before.}
Us Mar10_1041.jpg

{Madison & Guy}
Us Mar10_1047.jpg

{This is how much she loves Blake.  They are always checking to see where the other one is.}
Us Mar10_1048.jpg

They loved how close the pilot boat was, even though by this time they were HUNGRY.}
Us Mar10_1051.jpg

{Bye Miami!  Oh, I loved the moody sky.}
Us Mar10_1053.jpg

{I also love the pinky blue light first thing in the morning as the sun was coming up.  They were loving looking out over the vast expanse of water.}
Us Mar10_1055.jpg

{It was exciting, amazing & thrilling for them.}
Us Mar10_1057.jpg

{Booger man was constantly scanning around us to see if he saw something new.}
Us Mar10_1058.jpg

{Madison was flirting with one of the many admirers she would find on the cruise.}
Us Mar10_1060.jpg

{I was surprised they were so comfortable on the open stairs with another level of stairs going down under that.  We found they absolutely loved both the stairs & elevators on the cruise.  They laughed hysterically every time we ran up or down the stairs.  Maybe it was the running part...  They also loved the mirrors, which Guy hated, in all elevators.  We got into the habit of calling out what floor we wanted to get off on and what floor we were at to try and curtail the quick Blake from running off at every stop.}
Us Mar10_1064.jpg

{This one looks like an old ship to me with the funky B&W toning, light shapes, wires & smoke.}
Us Mar10_1065.jpg

(We went from the back to the front of the ship while waiting for the buffet to open.  Yes, we were up That early.  The first night and morning are definitely for trying to figure out where everything is.}
Us Mar10_1069.jpg

{We saw a lot of ships around us each day.  Blake was a master at finding them.}
Us Mar10_1071.jpg

{Since Guy isn't a fan of pictures I have a lot of his backside.  The bonus in this one is I'm actually in it.  Well, my shadow anyway.}
Us Mar10_1073.jpg

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What's worse then mice in your garage {or house}? Oh, I know...

We have mice in the garage.  Eawwww!  We've known this for a while & have been a bit lax {ie super busy} on doing anything about it.  Yesterday changed that.  I'm still super grossed out.  Really! Really grossed out.

Yesterday I had a senior photo session in the afternoon with Tayler Boldt {for those that know her}.  Another clients sister is interested in learning photography wanted to tag along.  Oh yeah, love having a free assistant!  Cora met me at the house when we headed out to Tayler's house with the kids since her mom, Heidi, was going to watch them.  At the house I had to remove a car seat.  The easiest thing was to flip it upside down into the back of the Trooper.  As I did there was some liquid that dripped out onto the seat.  It was yellow.  Yuk.  I smelled it and it smelled like pee.  Both kids were dry so it had to be from some other occasion we thought they peed after getting out of the car.  So not fun.  Then I noticed some little black things which at first I thought was food crumbs.  Nope.  It was mouse poop.  Not only was it under the seat, it was in the seat!!!!!  How in the world did a mouse or mice get into our vehicle?!?!?!?!  I felt totally offended a mouse would get into my child's car seat.  I scrubbed at it with a few wipes before putting it back in to come home.   Today I need to get out there and clean the SUV out before we leave tonight for a BBQ at a friends house.

I was so upset I didn't think to take any pictures of it.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A sneak peak at our vacation

Was I really thinking I'd finish all 682 photos from our vacation in a few hours today?  Not really possible! I did put together a great 16x20 storyboard for our wall.  I love it.  The storyboard is a great peak into our trip.  I'm going to love having this on the wall!  It's also going to be a new option for printing instead of a canvas, photo float or framed print which I hope I love just as much as the gallery wrapped canvas.  Love!

Our kids really do well with traveling.  They love new situations, weather conditions, people & just about anything that comes their way.  They whine pretty much exactly the same amount they do at home, though it is only during meals on trips.  Maybe it's not the normal tasting stuff or something.  Or we let them get toooo hungry before we eat.   I'm pretty sure it's our fault.

There were so many photos to pick from.  I could make at least 5 more of these.  Hmmmm, that would make a cool statement on the wall.  But no, I really need to do an actual photo shoot of the kids since we have not been following the recommended picture schedule!  

Top Row Comments:  {1} It was cool to be in some photos on this trip.  I love how casual the pic of Maddy with me is.  Her little arm looped over mine with a sweet smile.  {2} Blake was being...  Blake.   {3} I was holding the camera to get a pic of Guy & I when Blake got in on the action.  They are starting to smile on command for the camera.  The whole series of these shots is funny.  {4} We both LOVE this photo of Madison playing in the toddler pool.

Upper Middle Row Comments:  {1} We were in a cab headed to the beach on Tortola after an hour walk around town.  {2} Blake is there fresh from the ships surgical center with three staples in his chin coloring on the bed.  {3} The shot of our feet as we're looking off the ship is a similar shot to one we have hanging in the spare bedroom of Guy & I on our first cruise.  It also had the life vest with the ship name on it in front of us.  

Middle Row Comments: {1} Blake & Maddy descided to say prayers while we were hanging out on deck.   {2-3} Madison & Blake in the toddler pool.  It's another shot both of us love.  {4} The kids looking out at he ocean our first morning.  

Bottom Middle Row Comments:  {1} Hanging out in the hammock on NCL's private beach.  We totally scored a sweet spot that no one else came to for hours.  {2} Madison glancing over at Blake while Guy held her.  They had been looking out at the ocean together.  {3} An upside down boat on Samana, Dominican Republic.  If you look closely you can see the trash that covers any spot a human was in contact with on the island.   {4} The kids in the ocean with Guy on Tortola.

Bottom Row Comments: {1} Blake on Guy's chest.  {2} Guy transporting the twins while I had the carry on's, carseats and smaller bags with the stroller.  {3} Madison in Guy's sunglasses while we hung out midday in the lounge during a salsa dancing lesson.  {4} Me & my Blakie!
WH Blog Mar14 10 1

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Personal photo day approaches

I'm so excited to get the cruise pictures done tomorrow & start sharing out story!   I have loads of work to do with six sessions to finish or start processing & am definitely excited to get to our personal stuff tomorrow.

Wooo Hooo!

Blake got his staples out yesterday.  I told him in the morning he would be getting them out and it would hurt, but not for long.  When we were called back into the doctors office he was the first one following her until it came time to walk in the room.  It was definitely a procedure room that must have reminded him of the cruise ship's medical facility.  He started backing right out.  We had him come back in and explained he would be getting his staples out which would hurt.  He tearfully & bravely put up with getting him on the table.  When the first one came out he cried because of the pain.  She said he was doing a good job, to which he said it right back to her with his teary voice & a tear coming out of his eye.  He put up with the three staples coming out.  She had him wait a couple minutes {getting a cuddle from daddy}, and then had him look up to take a look at the site under his chin.  As soon as that was done he basked in the praise dished out & happily went to the sticker drawer down the hall.  He really did an awesome job.

Time for bed!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A few Blake & Madison updates & tidbits

I responded to a Q&A on a popular twin blog called The Foster Family I like to read.  It has some info I've wanted to put on my blog so I just copied it here.

When did or will you start potty training? I read somewhere you can potty train a kiddo at 22 months even if they show no interest. We put our twins in undies a week before they turned 22 months 5 weeks ago. It has gone wonderfully with some accidents that get less and less all the time. They are now consistantly telling me when they need to go, able to hold it for a few minutes or more until we get to a potty & have started being comfortable going poo on the potty. This with the last week spent on a cruise with no set schedule and NO potty seat!

* When did or will you move into toddler beds? We switched their cribs to the toddler setting months ago. I think right around 18-19 months.

* What types of activities do you do to entertain your toddler? Our twins entertain themselves a lot. They love puzzles, coloring, blocks, dolls, legos & especially the flash cards. We have a small house they so they can only get out one type of toy at a time. Right now they are good at cleaning up & helping.

* I need some quick/easy toddler meal suggestions! Tortilla with refried beans & cheese folded in half on the stove set to medium high to melt the cheese & crisp the tortilla a bit. Including cool down it only takes 10 minutes. You can also put some tomato & other random stuff in there including chicken, beef, rice and corn which are all tasty. It's also easy to do an adult version with jalapenos, red pepper or salsa at the same time.

* When should we drop the sippy cup? We decided to do this on our cruise last week at 22 months old, when both my hubby and I could be around for damage control during meals. In one week they are pretty good at it!  Today I started having cups by me, they have to stand by me while they drink since they are still careless & playful with them.

* How do you handle time outs? We don't call it time out & we decided no counting either. They are told what their choice is & if they don't do it they have to sit. If one does something wrong we tell them sternly to SIT. They know it means they are in trouble and will sit most of the time. I'm thinking this wont work for much longer then we'll reevaluate. My hubby tells them, "I need to talk to you." whenever they are in trouble. The kids are responding really well to him by stopping crying, whining or pouting to listen to what he has to say about their misdeeds.

I have finally consented to let the kids try using forks & spoons more.  As a result they are getting better and better at using them!  Madison did a fantastic job eating soup by herself one day on the cruise.  We also found out on the cruise Blake is definitely a meat person with bacon being his favorite meat of all.   We could also coax him to eat many more things with the promise of more bacon.  

Madison is little miss independent.    I let her push the stroller as we were leaving the airport Saturday afternoon.  Despite the fact she cannot see around or over the stroller she did not want me to help her push it up the incline.  Just before we left Blake was busy entertaining everyone when he pushed the four wheeler luggage over to me from where Guy pulled it off the bag belt.  Since baggage claim for Southwest here in Raleigh is definitely inclined we all watched as he came closer to me in a forward motion with the bag while getting further away sideways because of the incline.  He also tipped the bag over a couple of times & did a great job of lifting it back up.  Yes, it was definitely the smaller and not super sized version of the four wheeled bag.  I'm still impressed with him though.   

The kids absolutely loved sharing a bed & being right next to us during the cruise.  Now that we are home the last two nights have not gone so well.  They have gotten up no less then 5 times each night.  Madison was in a complete panic the first night when she woke unable to feel or see Blake & we were also not there.  At about 3:20 this morning I was having a dream where Blake was clinging to me like a leach, as it turns out he was.  He even dislodged his chin bandaid in his efforts to stay attached to me as I was trying to get him off me in my half sleep.   I told him he had to go back to his bed.  You would think he was told we were leaving him forever.

Here are some images from our family photo shoot in October.  Enjoy!  They were taken by my friend, Cindy, of LilyP Studio in Phoenix, AZ.  

My sisters, Jessica & Tawni {missing Lin}, my mom & I.  Boy do I look like the odd man out with my dark hair & being so much taller!  
Us Oct09 -2035.jpg

Having so fun watching Cindy trying to get the kids attention.
Us Oct09 -2040.jpg

Me & my sweet Maddy
Us Oct09 -2044.jpg

Me & the rambunctious Blake
Us Oct09 -2041.jpg

Riley with his mom, my sister, Tawni & my mom
Us Oct09 -2042.jpg

All of us kids being kids.
Us Oct09 -2039.jpg

My mom, Blake & I singing some odd nursery song
Us Oct09 -2037.jpg

Maddy & Guy
Us Oct09 -2036.jpg

Tawni & Riley - Love this shot.  Riley is 6 weeks younger then the twins.
Us Oct09 -2033.jpg

My kids were not happy by this point.  We being the extra early risers on eastern time were ready and there at least 2 hours before everyone else.  Yeah, they melted pretty much right away.  Poor Riley is is looking back to us for help being sandwiched between the two sookie la las.
Us Oct09 -2032.jpg

Here they calmed down a bit.  {It's amazing how much they have changed in the last few months.  Heck, they use the potty now!}
Us Oct09 -2031.jpg

Cousins.  I'm sure we'll have many shots of these two hanging out in the years to come.
Us Oct09 -2030.jpg

Love the light & the fence.
Us Oct09 -2027.jpg

Crazy Blake
Us Oct09 -2022.jpg

Our little family.  Love my hair in this shot & how into doing our own thing we are.
Us Oct09 -2021.jpg

So sweet
Us Oct09 -2018.jpg

Madison will cherish this shot when she gets older.
Us Oct09 -2017.jpg

Or maybe she'll cherish this one.
Us Oct09 -2016.jpg

Family fun in the water.
Us Oct09 -2015.jpg

He was getting me soooo wet while Madison was gently walking along in the background.
Us Oct09 -2013.jpg

Love this smile.  It's all about the joy.
Us Oct09 -2012.jpg

The details bring back all the other details of the day.
Us Oct09 -2011.jpg

My kids.  We so rarely get them in the same picture.
Us Oct09 -2010.jpg

This just may be my favorite shot!  Love the water droplets being in focus capturing the activity & excitement of the moment.
Us Oct09 -2008.jpg

Drool baby.  I think one day she will wake up after cuddling with her new husband to a pool of drool on his shoulder.  lol  This girl is forever drooling.  She now manages to do it every time she goes poop on the potty too.
Us Oct09 -2005.jpg

They had completely lost it by this time way worse then the shot above.  We are both actively trying to bring them around to happy again.
Us Oct09 -2001.jpg

This is as happy as they got.  I love it.  There is Guy's open mouth, the fingers in Blake's mouth & the tongue sticking out of her mouth.   Me?  Happy to be there!
Us Oct09 -2000.jpg

If you made it this far, congratulations!  I'll be posting about our cruise soon.


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